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Posted on June 11th, 2019, 13:53

Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their lives. It may come in different forms and levels, however it is a natural emotion and a biological instinct. Anxiety can be a positive emotion because it can propel us forward to accomplish goals and meet deadlines. It can also pull us backwards so that we avoid danger and protect ourselves.

Anxiety becomes  a cause for concern when it starts crippling a person-causing distress that keeps them from living their life. For example, negative thoughts can cause so much anxiety that you can bomb a test or be unable to perform a work task. Some symptoms of anxiety include negative or intrusive thoughts, excessive worry, lack of concentration, irritability, fear, insomnia and even nausea. You can feel physically sick to the point of not being able to get out of bed for work or school.


First, it is important to learn how your anxiety is impacting you. Then, with support, take steps towards learning to overcome your anxiety so it does not overpower you.


Here are 3 easy tips to help you start reducing your anxiety today:


  1. Changing your negative self-talk:

A lot of mental and emotional suffering comes from how we talk to ourselves. The language we use and the labels we give ourselves have more power than we realize. Our words have the ability to manifest themselves into mental habits and eventually our reality. Repeating and indulging in self-statements such as:  “I’m not good enough.“ It was my fault.“ “I don’t have enough time,” or “How will I handle this?” can offset certain physiological responses in your body. They can act as the catalyst to symptoms such as excessive worry, a pounding heartbeat and an inability to breathe. Your self-talk can affect the way you react to a certain situation and may eventually affect the way you habitually live.  With repeated practice, you can learn to talk to yourself in a healthier way. Practicing self-compassion by telling yourself, “You can do this.” You are strong.” You are good enough,” can change the negative thinking and reduce your anxiety. It takes time and practice for you to believe these healthier and positive thoughts, but it is possible to retrain your mind to think this way.


  1. Mindfulness:

There are many practices out there that can help you learn mindfulness (i.e., focusing your awareness on the present moment and tuning into your body). Meditation and yoga are very effective to improve anxiety symptoms. There are a plethora of apps you can download, classes you can sign up for, and online videos you can watch, to help you learn to use these tools. Mindfulness can be a good way to practice becoming more attentive to yourself. Once you become aware of the negative thoughts that you have adopted, you have the choice to let them go completely without the pressure of having to solve or fix the problem. In your own time, and with self-compassion, you can begin to replace them with more positive thoughts.


  1. Progressive Muscle Relaxation:

This is technique that is a great way to reduce tension and stress. You can find this on Youtube or other relaxation apps. Essentially, you begin by doing a body scan. Notice where you have tension in your body. And, squeeze each part of your body from head to toe, squeeze, hold, and relax. Visualize your body releasing the tension and your body begins to relax.This exercise is a great way to relax after a long day of work or when you are experiencing high anxiety. It can take 5-10 minutes to do.

If you try these tips and it still doesn’t help you reduce your anxiety, please give us a call here at the Heart Connection Center. We will be happy to help you feel better! You don’t have to suffer alone. Call us today.


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Due to the perception that many addictions result in self-gratifying behavior (i.e. chasing a high, being sexually fulfilled, letting go of stress, partying with abandon, etc.), many people believe that addiction is a choice. It can be quite hurtful to the person struggling with addiction and their loved ones when someone admonishes them for selfishly seeking their own pleasure at the expense of everyone else. This idea is very misguided and misinformed, so this article is meant to clear up any confusion about the causes of addiction, demonstrate how the disease affects the brain, and provide actionable steps to those struggling with addiction.

The Role of Genetics

It is believed that up to 50% of the likelihood that a person will develop an addiction is based on their genetics. Many research studies have confirmed the role of genetics, but the relationship between genes and predisposition to addiction is very complex. There is no fail-proof formula of which combination of genes will lead to a person struggling with an addiction, but it has been proven that a combination of genetics and environmental factors make up a significant portion of an individual’s proclivity towards addiction. If you were to look at a family tree, you could see a consistent pattern of the family members affected by an addictive disorder, whereas other family trees may be much less impacted.

Changes in the Brain

At this point, it may be helpful for you to understand the release of hormones and chemicals in the brain. Even as young children, we all experience releases of serotonin and dopamine when our basic needs of food, shelter, and interaction are met. These are natural “highs”. As we go through life and discover things like sugar, our natural “highs” become higher as a result of eating that sugar, and the feeling that we used to feel when we ate an apple doesn’t feel as good as it used to in comparison to eating sugar.

The same comparison can be made with emotional highs. The natural high of receiving a hug from a loved one used to be fulfilling enough that you didn’t look for anything further. Once your brain has experienced the high associated with the use of a certain substance, the benchmark for a fulfilling “high” has suddenly been pushed through the roof and in order to avoid feeling anxious or depressed, you have to turn to that thing that makes you feel good. Years ago, that might have been the comfort of a friend or family member, but the chemicals in your brain have adjusted to your unnatural high and won’t accept anything less.

While the initial experiences with a substance could be considered acts of the individual’s will, the subsequent emotional and behavioral changes that start the addictive disorder in the brain are completely independent of the person’s real desires. If two people tried a substance for the first time, one may decide to never consume it again while the other experiences a strong urge to use it again as soon as possible. This strong urge will increase in intensity over time and as the person’s use of the substance continues. The two could be experiencing the same level of dopamine and serotonin, but the first is eating an ice cream cone and the second is binge drinking.

Necessity of Treatment

As you can imagine, this chemical imbalance in the brain cannot be ignored because addictive behaviors continue to become more and more intense and potentially harmful the longer they go untreated. Like any other disease, addiction will not just go away without the right treatments. If you have a bacterial infection, the only way for it to go away is to take antibiotics - this is a medical certainty. The same could be said about the disease of addiction.

While some people in the early stages of an addictive disorder have been able to recover on their own or with the help of a 12-step group, this is not always the case. If you or someone close to you is struggling with an addiction, know that you are not alone in your struggle and you will not be alone in your recovery.

Reach out to an addiction treatment center or therapist in your area who can help walk you through the steps of recovery and get you back to living the life you want to live. If you live in the Long Beach, California, area, we would love to help you or your loved one walk this road. We are experienced in Sex addiction therapy and are truly committed to your recovery process.

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Most people’s dream is to own a house of their own. But for some it only remains as a dream that never come true. For these people, it is imperative to know about the new trend in the market. The realtors are of late going for We buy ugly houses Spokane. Their main motive is to buy these houses, get them renovated and resell it. For them, it is making a profit after few months of purchase. Some of them take it as a serious business. Hence, it is ideal for those who want to own a home but cannot afford much to get in touch with We buy ugly homes Spokane so that you can own your home without spending much. Let’s see how this is done.

Of course, there are some set of rules available for We buy ugly houses Spokane which is called as flipping. Flipping is nothing but buying a house at a lower market value carry out the repairs and sell it after renovation. These houses are selling like hot cakes as their prices are low when compared with the newly built in houses which the people cannot afford. However, you can be rest assured of the quality of these houses. It is also to be noted that flipping houses is not as easy as we think. The buyers must also understand the rules of flipping so that they do not get cheated when they actually go for an ugly house that is being flipped. You should be aware that the sellers make profit only after they get it renovated which means they sell We buy ugly homes Spokane at a price higher than the price for which they bought. Hence, you should not compromise on the quality enhancement that is done.

You should do a thorough research before you actually go in for these houses and it is best to get it done through a cash realtor. There are these cash realtors who buy these old and ugly houses and get it renovated and sell it for a reasonable. Run through the web directory and find the appropriate cash realtor to buy your ideal home.

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Are you still on the fence about going to couples therapy with your partner? Perhaps you are concerned about what you may have to miss or sacrifice in order to commit consistent time to counseling. You could have to skip coffee dates or girls nights with your friends, miss out on getting drinks with your coworkers at the end of the day, or not be able to make it to your nephew’s Christmas play. It might seem like you’re letting a lot of people down in order to focus on your relationship with just one person.

But you have to remember that your relationship with your partner is the primary and paramount relationship in your life. When you two are having a rough time, other aspects of your life are likely to struggle as well. Likewise, when you two are on the same page and doing well, the other relationships in your life will be more successful as well.

Your Children

If you have children, they are the first people impacted by the health of your relationship with your partner. They see you at your best and your worst. They are more intuitive than you may give them credit for, and they are learning from you how relationships are supposed to work as they grow up.

Perhaps differences in parenting styles and preferences have contributed to the issues between you and your partner. This will likely be a topic of discussion during your couples therapy sessions, and you may even be assigned parenting “homework” assignments by your therapist. Through therapy, you can learn how to communicate better with each other and with your children. They will undoubtedly be some of the first to notice any changes in your relationship as a couple and as a family.

Your Extended Family

Since your family members are basically built-in friends with a vested interest in your life, you may have talked (or complained) to them about your partner for years now. You may think that they can understand better than anyone else and they will take your side, which can make for some complicated dynamics at family gatherings. Hopefully, they will be your biggest supporters as you begin couples counseling, but consider that it may be best for your relationship with your partner that you not share too many details about your counseling with your family members.

The goal of couples therapy is to provide you and your partner with the skills and tools to communicate with each other better, share common values, and live a harmonious life together. When you two start to be more on the same page, your family members will take notice and see the impact that therapy has had on you. They may decide to follow your lead and pursue healthier relationships with their partners through counseling as well.

Your Coworkers and Boss

Undoubtedly, your home life stresses have made a way into your work life. This could be manifested in missed deadlines, admonition from your supervisor, extreme emotional outbursts, or discussing your relationship problems with your coworkers. In any of these instances, the result is decreased productivity, which will lead to problems with your company at some point. These home and work stresses begin to compound and take a toll on your body, perhaps resulting in having to take more sick or personal leave days as well.

When your relationship with your partner begins to pick up and get back on track, you will not be bringing as many home stresses into the work environment. This will help your productivity and focus, resulting in more positive conversations with your boss and coworkers. Since you spend almost the same amount of time every day at work and home, your relationships in both places tend to feed off of each other, and a rising tide lifts all boats.

Your Mutual and Individual Friends

If you haven’t been out with your other couple friends in a while because of your strained relationship with your partner, your friends have likely noticed. If you and your partner aren’t having fun together, it is hard to go places together and enjoy yourselves. Perhaps the women and men have been getting together separately or you just haven’t seen anyone lately. Even if you haven’t talked to your friends about your relationship with your partner, they probably wonder if something is going on.

Your friends will be supportive of you and your partner working on your relationship through couples therapy, and they will be grateful to be able to spend more time with you once you and your partner have started healing. When you aren’t having to worry so much about your relationship with your partner and how they are feeling towards you, you have more energy to commit to your other relationships, and being in community is very healthy.

At Novus Mindful Life Institute, we believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy and fulfilling life. We are dedicated to helping one person, one couple, one family at a time heal through counseling. We are located in Long Beach, CA, but we also have a wealth of online resources, and we host The Addicted Mind podcast with many guests that are well-known in the industry.

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Jail is never something that an individual look in his life. Some incidents in life are unavoidable and uninvited that leads to criminal charges. There are several cases where people are reported victims of criminal incidents that put them behind the bars. When such an unfavourable incident hit your life, look for the Arapahoe County Bail Bonds Colorado company. You need experts who can provide the best consultation for bail bonds. Consider looking for the specialist who can help with bail bonds and know why to check them. It is best to know the features of such companies as this will provide you with a clear idea of what to check.  

Why check a perfect agency?

It is painful to image a whole night in jail. This also dents the prestige of your family in society and can even lead to losing the job. Just take the help of an expert agency that can assist you with Arapahoe county bail bonds. You need experts who can be with you all through the day and help to get the edge over this problem.

What to find in a bail bond company?

When you require Centennial bail bonds for your case, it is necessary to know what to look in such a professional company. Look for getting 24 hours service from top layers in Arapahoe County. Experts you pick should arrange for the bail bonds within a few hours. Check for the reliability and reputation of the company. For this, go for the reviews that are posted by the customers.

When you get Centennial bail bonds within a few hours, you get free from jail and enjoy the freedom. Thus, ensure that you end up searching the right agency that holds expertise and understands the law to assist in quick bail bonds. Never compromise on the quality of the service as this will decide how quickly you get out of the jail.  

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Mostly, Electrical Contractors in Kansas City will be a family run business and an expert in their field. Being in the field for more than a decade will go to prove their experience. They will have proper certificates either they might have done in a college course or might have finished high school and done some certificate courses in this field. The one who has electrical engineering degree can handle big projects unlike the other. For your normal, household work you can go in for those who have done certificate courses but should ensure that they have the necessary expertise. Normally, when you hire you can take the advice of your friends or neighbours as to how to select them. Most of them will have their own website. When you go through it, you will know exactly as to what is their area of specialization.

When you go for hiring the Licensed and insured electrician, you need to check the testimonials given by their previous clients. This will give you an idea of their expertise in their work. These testimonials are not only available in the website of the concerned electrician but also in yellow pages and google. Once you decide on them get the quotation. Mostly, they will provide you with the quotation within the same day and of course, an experienced person will do so only. Depending upon the work they undertake, their duties and responsibilities varies. When they provide estimation, they should provide for both materials as well as labour.

The Electricians in Grain Valley should keep the safety of the project as their utmost concern. So they should be the one who knows how to handle any work safely. It is their duty to ensure that no untoward incident happens while doing his work. When they are focused about their work, they will be a professional and for sure they will deliver good results.

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Are you in a tough situation, caught in a criminal incident or behind the bars? An expert agency will help to break the chains and bars by arranging for the Aurora Bail Bonds. When you are arrested for any reason, the first thing that comes to mind is – How to get out of jail fast? The lawyer who holds expertise in this and helps clients to break the chains easily prepares a bail bond.

What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is a monetary security provided to the court and the court agrees to release the defendant before the trial. With a bail bond, a person does not have to spend time in jail and do not run away. A bail bond is a surety bond where a third party agrees to be responsible for any debt obligation of the defendant. Thus, in case of crime and jail, it is necessary to pick a right lawyer or an agency that can arrange for the Denver county bail bonds. An expert lawyer helps to set the bail amount, the condition of bail and other elements that are an integral part of the bail bond.  

Not all the law agencies are capable to provide the Douglas county bail bonds within the same day. Some may take a few days even. Thus, when looking for the best law firm or a bail bond agent, make proper market research and contact the best option. A professional bail bond agent will explain all the conditions of bail bond and release. Never revoke the bail as this will lead to the arrest of the suspect again. A bond agency also charges a premium for the bond and guarantees the court that they will pay the forfeited bond amount if the defendant fails to appear in the court as scheduled.

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There are a lot of new people moving to Spokane and Kootenai Counties, in case you hadn’t noticed. The valley has about half a million people, a fair percentage of whom have escaped California and Seattle, looking for a more relaxed atmosphere to raise their families and work.

The local newspaper, the Spokesman-Review, stated on Jan. 27th, 2019, that “Prospective buyers can find themselves in bidding wars, and competition for homes is reflected in rising prices. Although the Spokane area remains an affordable place to buy a house compared to other West Coast cities, the median home price rose 12 percent last year…”  

If you’re selling a house in the current market, if it’s in top shape (updated windows, doors, roof, flooring, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.), you’ll able to sell it for top dollar, and buyers from the aforementioned areas have a lot of top dollars to spend. Currently, we’re even hearing of bidding wars, a sign we may be in a bubble market, though with the influx of companies and people, it may continue for a while!

However, we have personally observed homes in the area that languish for months and then don’t sell. Why is that? Remember the updates mentioned above? If you have not spent the many thousands of dollars to update your home (the last one we did cost over $40,000 and 5 months of remodel blood, sweat and tears), you may well either not sell your house, or entertain offers from wholesalers who are professionals at valuing run down houses. You may see their billboards about town that say, “Sell my house fast for cash Spokane/CDA” or the ubiquitous “We buy ugly houses Spokane” billboards.

You may have wondered about who is advertising to buy homes for cash, and why they are offering to buy homes for cash in Spokane and Kootenai counties. The answer is, because they offer a service to the people whose homes aren’t up to snuff, who don’t have $20K or $50K to update their homes. They may be behind on house payments, recently divorced or widowed, retirees who are too tired to remodel or simply don’t have the skills to do the job, or someone who got downsized and needs to clear out fast. Even in good times, bad luck can strike.

A conscientious wholesale real estate investor (a.k.a. “wholesaler”) will build a commission and repair costs into his offer, to buyers who fit the above “distressed seller” definitions. As he may be the “we buy ugly homes Spokane” guy, he will either purchase the home within 30 days or find someone with capital to do so if he doesn’t currently have the bankroll to buy the house. Most wholesalers are connected to landlord or “flippers” who make their living updating these ugly homes in Spokane and CDA.

There are always hucksters in any industry, so if you need to get out of your house fast and call from a bootleg sign that could read, “I BUY HOUSES FOR CASH FAST SPOKANE AND CDA” sign, check the Better Business Bureau and review sites such as Yelp (although do take any of these with at least a small grain of salt, as many people do nothing with their lives except complain) for negatives. Also, don’t believe realtors who tell you “it’s not legal.” Hundreds of thousands of wholesalers are operating in 50 states within the confines of the law, so that is obviously a negative sales pitch. Again, though, vet anything you purchase as best you can, whether a camera, a TV, a car, or a home wholesaler. Let the buyer beware!

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Do you want to sell a home for cash in Spokane or Coeur d’Alene? Here are some options:

Regardless of how hopeless your particular situation is becoming, we understand that life throws hurdles in your way. [We fought the bank for 4 years to keep our house and were eventually forced to let it go]. We might be able to help you out of your situation, whether you’re a tired landlord, about to be foreclosed on, have relatives mooching or squatting in your house you can’t get rid of, inherited an unwanted house, or maybe you just want to get out without fixing up your home because you’re tired and retired, and want to move to the Bahamas.

You have a few choices on how to sell houses fast in Spokane. A professional real estate agent will be happy to help sell your home. This will cost you about 9-10% from full service real estate brokers like Keller-Williams or Re/Max. The agent will want you to spend a lot of time and money to get your house in shape to get top dollar, because he or she gets paid a percentage of the sales price, so the higher, the better. Plus, the better your home looks, the more you will make as well.

In our experience, we have never put in less than a hundred hours prepping a house to sell, although we have also gotten top dollar for all but one (in 2007, as the housing market was crashing down on our heads). Then, every time the realtor has a showing, we spent half a day polishing the house and property, only to have the viewers’ kids track mud all over the house (yes, that does happen!).

Then there was the realtor open house, in Coeur d’Alene, where the realtors left half-eaten donuts and paper bags on our counter, food in our fridge, and filled our garbage can half full of trash. It looked like they had a lunch party with their friends and didn’t clean it up. So much for hiring professionals!

More labor intensive yet, and a lot more stressful is deciding to do without any professional help by going the “For Sale By Owner” route. Now, we can say that we have gone that route successfully one time, and very unsuccessfully the other time. If you are in a hot market and can deal with full-time spammers mailing you bogus checks from London (yes, this also is a true story – the check bounced – surprise!), or a million other ways to frustrate you and waste your time, you may save yourself a few percent. It can work. But less often than people like to imagine when they’re trying to sell their homes fast in Spokane or CDA.

A third option could be to negotiate a cash price with a “wholesale real estate buyer” (a.k.a. “wholesaler”) who can assist in handling all the transactions in dealing with a house. If like I opined above, the frustration of an unwanted property is weighing on your life, professional wholesalers may be an option. Of course, these professionals are looking for a bargain, because in most cases the house will need a lot of TLC, and a wholesale real estate buyer will offer a way, often in less than 30 days, to take your home off your hands with relatively little hassle, and put some cash in your pocket.

So, how can I sell my house quickly in Spokane/CDA? The fastest way is to work with a wholesaler. Next would be a realtor. And the slowest way? FSBO.

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With the introduction of the online marketing and global competition, companies need to provide an online presence for their products. This has lead to the increase in the demand for the SEO experts in Orange County. The main reason it that business now focuses on gaining the attention of the online customers. For this, they need to have a website, handle SEO activities and make necessary updates timely. With all these happening in the market, the need for Orange County SEO services is felt. Here are some of the reasons that will clear the reason for the high demand for the SEO services.

Future Outlook: It is expected that internet marketing and SEO activities will be still in demand in the near future. Almost every internet solution related to product promotion, having an online presence or maintaining a business website depends on the experts. Thus, Orange County SEO services will definitely have a high demand.

Current trends in SEO jobs: With every company finding a digital platform for their existence, it assures that SEO experts will be required by them. These experts understand the concept of SEO and manage the other related activities for the clients. Each year new jobs are opening for the experts but the supply is not in the same ratio. Now the company wants specialists who can understand the future trends of the digital marketing and can provide the best platform. Thus, Orange County SEO is the perfect solution for people here. Companies now get experts for these complex activities within their budgets.

The Google is now more sensitive and keeps an eye on the SEO activities. Companies now have to make an extra effort to look for the latest trends in the Search Engine trends and manage their activities accordingly. There are chances when companies are adversely charged for wrongly handling the SEO activities. Therefore, never compromise with the quality of the Search Engine service that you avail.

If you are still in search of an expert, then look for the SEO companies . For this, you can make use of the internet where a long list of companies are available. Make your selection narrow and pick the most popular company. Hiring an expert is a critical step and you need to be active enough to land-upon the website of the best company in your area. Also loom for the referral, an expert advice and review the clients’ feedback.

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