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July 6th, 2011

Posted on July 6th, 2011, 4:20

Lead nurturing is all about having a meaningful dialog with a prospect that has come to your site.  Also known as drip marketing, lead nurturing automatically develops prospects’ interest in your products and helps build a relationship with the sales rep using preset series of emails and product information. 

Once the prospect has registered on your website, what next? Not all prospects who have registered would be ready to buy. Some may have just come out of curiosity, others for comparison, but some definitely with an intension to buy. You need to be able to identify and pick the ones ready to buy and move them on to the sales team to complete the sale. You need to nurture these prospects if you want them to ultimately buy.  

Lead nurturing is the process of developing a long-term relationship with the prospects through meaningful dialogue. A lead nurturing program can ensure maximum sales success when the prospects are categorized based on their sales readiness. Nurturing involves sending a series of timely messages and then tracking their development into sales opportunities. The information or communication sent to the customer needs to be what the prospect is looking for or they may lose interest in your product and make your marketing efforts ineffective. Marketing automation makes lead nurturing programs much simpler to design and launch.

Lead nurturing can actually help not just enable but also optimize sales effectiveness and enhance marketing campaigns. With the right kind of lead nurturing software you can build long term relationships with your prospective customers. Some of the benefits of a good lead nurturing software include:
  • Get insights into the customer’s intention.
  • Know when your prospect is ready to buy.
  • Sales-ready prospects are automatically passed to the sales team.
  • Leads that are not ready get further nurturing.
  • The software will ensure that your lead and their interest sustains, and this will be ensured by informing and educating the leads with relevant information.

Lead nurturing best practices can help sales and marketing teams achieve better results and improve returns on investment.

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