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July 14th, 2011

Posted on July 14th, 2011, 3:42

B2B enterprises are still undecided if their current email campaign can beat the recessionary mood of the economy, so do they actually need to worry? Does it make sense to invest in email marketing anymore? According to Forrester’s Marketing forecast online survey conducted in 2009, “email marketing and spending is expected to actually balloon to $2 billion by 2014”. This means that even in a relatively weak economy businesses are looking at email marketing to offer them higher levels of cost effectiveness and efficiency to derive greater numbers as far as reaching customers are concerned, thus ensuring better ROI. Apart from helping your business with qualified leads to building customer relationships, email marketing application can ensure that your product slowly but steadily remains in the minds of your customer, that’s is why email marketing continues to be held in high esteem among marketers.

Tips to optimize your email campaign

But can email campaigns tide over bad economic times giving B2B enterprises results they need to survive? It’s pretty simple actually you need to simply ensure that your email marketing software if not actually recession-proof is at least recession- ready! So if you are wondering whether your email marketing automation tools  is doing enough to ensure greater returns for you, you need to first check if your software is performing all the functions properly? Here’s how your email marketing automation could be optimized with some easy tips.
  • The trick to ensuring maximum returns from email marketing programs is to see if your campaign is relevant enough. Is it carrying the right message? Is it worthy of your customer’s time? These may seem as silly parameters but actually could determine the success of your campaign. An interesting statistic that’s often bandied about in email campaigns is that “if 8 out of 10 people read your email subject and send-from address, only 2 will read the rest.” So if that holds true perhaps you need to ensure that

  • your subject line is relevant enough and eye-catching as well to retain your prospective customer’s interest.

  • Arm your email campaign with a solid database that could help provide you with even better leads.

  • Ensuring effective integration of your email campaigns with your social marketing could provide that added extra push to your campaign.

  • Constant monitoring of email delivery and some measure of understanding why previous campaigns did not provide adequate results will definitely show you the way forward. Think of this as a learning exercise but this does indeed give you and idea on what did not work. Looking at the past will help you deal better with the future.

It cannot be emphasized enough that the right implementation of your email campaign could bring in added benefits, so go ahead and announce recent developments and new products and services to your prospective customers. Reinforce your business relationships, and give your business the email marketing edge it deserves!

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