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July 22nd, 2011

Posted on July 22nd, 2011, 4:12

A successful sales team revolves around an enterprise generating more leads, creating effective strategies to do so and, of course, closing sales. Typically an enterprise can lose anywhere from 40 percent to a whopping 80 percent of its sales leads anywhere in the sales cycle. Here is where lead management enters the picture. Lead management is, simply put, a solution that helps convert more website visitors into actual sales leads. Therefore, to ensure that leads end up in the sales pipeline, every enterprise needs a rock solid lead generation software. Enterprises that have their lead management process in place can easily earn more revenue as a result of their lead generating activities, and they also generate better customer relationships.

Creating an effective lead management strategy is possible only if enterprises first evaluate their existing lead strategies. Queries about lead flow, current lead generation campaigns, sources of leads, the process of transferring leads from marketing to sales, measuring lead follow-ups, tracking sales leads to closed sales, etc., need to be answered. Defining your systems is also important. So enterprises should look into how they define their ideal leads and what specific parameters they use to disqualify leads. It would also be prudent to look into how the lead handing off process to the sales team occurs.

Enterprises can also opt for optimized lead management software that offers the multiple advantages of data management, planning leads, qualifying leads and providing ways to nurture and score more leads. It can easily assist in identifying quality leads in your target segment. With its built-in lead generation tools it can help in building profiles of your leads and provide you with actionable intelligence about your leads. It can also help enterprises plan out better campaigns. B2B enterprises want to gain enhanced visibility into the lead qualification process, and optimized lead management software can promise to provide just that. With such visibility, lead qualification, validation, scoring and classifying leads will become far easier for enterprises.

Enterprises want to capture, respond and track all their leads from diverse sources. They want to be able to provide the best leads to their sales teams for better sales closure rates, and an effective lead management strategy does exactly that. With lead management software that emphasizes lead intent, an enterprise can benefit from the best tracking practices that provide analysis of website visitors and their behaviors to ensure better conversion of leads with enhanced nurturing.


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