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August 4th, 2011

Posted on August 4th, 2011, 22:25

Even as your marketing strategies are becoming more and more intricate, there is a tool that is adept at realizing the increased complexities of marketing and can help you cater to your customers effectively - marketing automation. With this tool you can experience business effectiveness and reduction in costs with better end-to-end marketing operations.

Why does my company need marketing automation tools?
In a business landscape that is constantly changing, traditional methods of direct mail, exhibitions and print commercials have been replaced by email marketing initiatives, search engine optimization, webcasts, etc. So, while your response rates to these methods may be sufficient, how can you ensure that the sales team is getting only good qualified customer leads? Here’s where marketing automation can maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing promotions and campaigns with the added benefit of lower costs. Here are the top 5 reasons why your company needs marketing automation tools:
  • Dramatically reduce costs: It’s time to say no to manual campaign execution. With marketing automation software on your side, diminish costs on manual marketing campaigns while launching and executing online marketing initiatives swiftly and more efficiently.
  • Enhanced productivity: Eliminate monotonous, burdensome and recurring tasks linked to campaigns and their planning. With marketing automation, it is time to say hello to increased productivity.
  • Increased flexibility: With this tool, your sales teams can be better prepared to respond to the changing market environment quickly. Marketing automationsoftware will ensure agility amongst your sales team members for enhanced responsiveness to the varying aspects of business.
  • Superior business intelligence: With marketing automation tools backing you up, your marketing campaigns can be planned intelligently because they are driven by your customers’ exact needs.
  • Getting that personal touch: Marketing automation tools aid your marketing teams by giving them the information they need about your customers’ specific needs and wants. This ensures that your content is target driven and, with personalization, customers’ responses and conversion rates are enhanced. This shows your customers that you care and endears you to them even more by creating a genuine bond between you.

Your business can profit tremendously with the inherent benefits of marketing automation tools, which can enhance not just leads, but also cross-channel communication and prospect-customer database management.

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