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August 19th, 2011

Posted on August 19th, 2011, 4:59

Lead generation is a highly critical activity in any sales/marketing organization. Today, many innovative methods are used to generate leads; of which, emails have gained more momentum recently. Email signatures that accompany corporate emails can also be used as a powerful lead scoring

Email signatures have long been used to provide useful information about the mail sender and also about his/her company. Most corporate email signatures today provide details such as contact information, taglines and quotes, company website links and social media identities of the mail sender. In fact, some email signatures now even contain links to special offers or event announcements that the mail sender intends to promote and share.

  1. But how does an email sender assess if and how this information is being used by the mail receiver?

  2. How do people know if the mail receiver has clicked on their company website or a targeted link to a landing page present in the signature?

  3. And most importantly, how do people track the behavior of the person who has clicked on the link and landed on their website?

The innovative, next-gen email signature templates which are now being propagated in the lead generation arena elevate email signatures from just being information sharing mechanisms to powerful lead generation tools. Instead of having a static image as a signature template, they facilitate the use of multiple individually clickable links in an eye catching template format.

Email signature templates can be effectively measured and quantified at any point in time. As part of the lead generation effort:

  • Companies will be able to identify and analyze the number of prospects or customers who have shown interest in a particular offer, service or product.

  • Companies will be able to act proactively by offering them the right business proposition.

  • The lead nurturing programs can be effectively focused or personalized to suit the prospectís exact intent.

Going by the immense benefit these templates can provide to sales and marketing companies, it is highly recommended to use them for easy and trouble free lead generation and to conduct an efficient lead management system.

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