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September 14th, 2011

Posted on September 14th, 2011, 23:49

To be able to fulfill customer delivery demands successfully through a sound order fulfillment process adds up to an industry’s competitive advantage. This process consists of order receiving, processing, handling, order promising and even order monitoring and execution. Order fulfillment is associated with customer relationship management, sales, distribution, manufacturing, and the procurement processes. Some organizations have a complex fulfillment method at work owing to customer demands on fulfillment consistency and implemention of postponement policies. Therefore, enterprises today need innovative, vigorous and advanced systems in order fulfillment.

Reliable service providers in order fulfillment solutions have put into use the latest Cloud processes for better results. This helps you to control and mechanize the process of order fulfillment efficiently. The process ensures continuous visibility and applies new age business strategy at all execution levels. In addition to that, the process supervises service layer agreements agreed upon by the contributors as well as the KPIs mentioned in the order fulfillment process. It ensures that targets are fulfilled and takes necessary steps if any goals remain unfulfilled.

Ten essential components of order fulfillment solutions using Cloud Processes are:   

  • Master data management

  • Business Process Networks (BPN)

  • Cloud process software for the end user members

  • Business Process Rules (BPR) and Business Process Management (BPM)

  • Process enhancement services

  • Cloud process hosting

  • Performance management

  • Cloud process customization

  • Data management and monitoring

  • “Best-of-Breed” Cloud brokering by a third party

The advanced order fulfillment systems help in efficiently handling orders from receipts via sourcing and validation.  At the same time, they help in controlling and supervising the processing, packing and picking of an order. Order transport and dispatch are also included, enabling you to know the date/time of the order receipt. Therefore, with this information it becomes easy for any one to track the progress that the service provider has made. Other benefits of the process are:

  • Better control over order fulfillment flow

  • Results in better customer experience

  • Minimized lead times (10-50 percent)

  • Minimized administrative costs ( 30 – 70 percent)

Further, any sound order fulfillment strategy helps in governing how an organization deals with product customization and variety. It alleviates the influence of product variety such as option building, modularity, build-to-order methods and late configuration.

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