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September 21st, 2011

Posted on September 21st, 2011, 22:15

A slow and steady approach is required for sales and marketing purposes. The power to sustain customers’ loyalty is extremely important and bears enriching results. The bygone era of monopoly and aggression is no longer relevant in a competitive environment. Today customers are aware of their importance.

They cannot be hoodwinked or forced to buy something. An aggressive demeanor will make customers non-responsive and crush all your hopes of proving your worthiness. The present era is one in which customers have to be coaxed and wooed to be listed in their good books. This process of coaxing and wooing is appropriately called lead nurturing.
There is no dearth of commodities available in the market. A new player joins the field every day, giving customers further advantage to play the game according to their rules. Nowadays customers use their reasoning powers and logical analysis to decide on the products that they wish to buy. Thus, you have to maintain a cordial and satisfactory relationship with your customers without an overt sales pitch display. If you wish to win the race you have to nurture the course to convert your customers into definite sales targets.

The lead nurturing process helps in identifying prospective customers, ushering them gently and leading them onto a sales-oriented path. Identification of your prospective sales target is a tricky process. Without a system to help you categorize your prospective leads from the mass of information acquired you will be disoriented and drown. To make your task easier, lead nurturing software deploys the lead scoring process that helps in identifying your hot leads from those that are not yet sales ready.

This gives you an idea which leads to concentrate on immediately and which ones need some more attention.
Some customers may not be ready to jump into a hasty decision, and they take their own time. These leads opt to go through laborious processes of evaluation, comparison and assessment before making their final decision. They have to be shown results to be convinced. It is a good practice to knock on their doors once in a while to let them know that they are still your valued customers.

You need to send them relevant information from time to time. For this you have to know what products they are interested in. You have to monitor their online activities and check out which websites they visit often, what product information they want through newsletter subscriptions and emails, what contests they participate in, etc. All these are not possible manually and you need a competent automated system.

You can get all the information that you need for analyzing your sales targets, their requirements and interest levels, their readiness, etc., through automated lead nurturing software. With this software none of your customers are overlooked, neglected or forgotten, thus securing every opportunity for you to advance surefooted towards the winning goal.

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Posted on September 21st, 2011, 4:22

In a competitive and globalized business environment, corporate sectors and business houses need to be abreast with new technological developments as well as manage reduction of operational costs while meeting the organizational goals and objectives. The advent of technological invasion into the marketplace, have created e-markets in every business sector. This has paved way for a faster connectivity between B2B and B2C exchanges.

The benefit of online purchasing not only showcases the cost savings but also improves the way companies operate. It helps them to deal with a chosen few suppliers with better buying strategy as well as slash down the administration costs. Today’s technological business world has turned to an electronic procurement system between business-to-business or business to consumer and even business to government. The electronic procurement system or e-procurement as it is called involves purchase and sale of products, supplies and services through the various networking systems such as electronic data interchange & Internet.

E-procurement does not mean just online purchasing decisions. It involves connecting the suppliers and employees of the organizations into the purchasing network companies that embarking on e-procurement buying programmes, will be able to aggregate purchasing across multiple departments or divisions without removing individual control, reduce rogue buying, can get the best price and quality products from a wide range of suppliers. For the suppliers, e-procurement is a boon because they can be very proactive in their business proceedings.

Although e-procurement is still in its infancy, some companies have made impressive savings through radical streamlining of their buying activities. E-procurement actually automates the purchasing and procurement process of a company and integrates the buyers and suppliers through relevant IT systems, which together forms a value network for the company. The automation of the end-to-end procurement workflow has taken over the traditional purchase order software. It helps to improve the organizational efficiency and control over the procurement activities and need not worry about post award management.

The advent of cloud computing concepts and using the cloud process for e-procurement has automated the procurement process further. The management of agreements & contracts, price list verification, product comparisons, article selection has not only become simplified but also speedy. The post award management is highly configurable, with detailed reports, order confirmation, and other display of procurement transactions. The cloud process verifies the accuracy of electronic invoices and article level matching of the relevant contract, ending with the automatic accounting from backend financial systems.

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