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September 26th, 2011

Posted on September 26th, 2011, 5:16

The customer satisfaction quotient in supply chain process is dependent on the success of the order fulfillment process. This process entails a perfect and meticulously organized operation of the processes right from the procurement stage till the final and timely dispatch management. In order to achieve success in the order fulfillment process a business has to ensure consistent quality, high visibility and on time delivery of the products. A lot of dedication, perseverance and resilience is required to achieve the expected standards and desired outcomes.

The order fulfillment process is an arduous task which may be replete with errors when handled manually resulting in dissatisfying results. If you have a supply chain business you need an automated cloud process that has the ability to handle all the processes smoothly and has the power to control the flow from end to end. A cloud process also helps in integrating the participants existing in the value network, thus executing a logical operation and also providing a high degree of transparency in the process.  

The cloud process ensures optimized performance in the order fulfillment process and implements corrective action if the standards are not met. This gives you an opportunity on concentrate on the core competencies of your business as the administrative burden is handled by the process thoroughly. You are provided with the convenience of receipt management through validation and sourcing. The process helps you to monitor and control the procurement, processing, packaging, transportation and dispatch of each order with a complete report on the orders that has been received thus giving you a complete control.

The process also provides you the opportunity to monitor the trends with identification of bottlenecks and an in-depth analysis. It is an asset that helps in consolidating the data procured from disparate systems all around and converting it into simple material that helps you to make important and correct business decisions. You can access real-time information through the interactive dashboard.

The cloud process is a strategic intelligent element that provides your supply chain business with flexible, simple and proactive management tips to handle the order fulfillment process and strengthen the relationship with your customers.

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