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September 29th, 2011

Posted on September 29th, 2011, 2:22

Today the advertising scenario has evolved itself to suit the end customer. In the B2B scenario advertising on the Social Media has become very popular. Since B2B buyers rely on Internet and search engines in particular, than newspaper ads or yellow pages, to find the products and services they want, it becomes necessary to be ‘ranked high’ on search engine results.

Today, most of the website traffic is drive by search engine searches. So, many B2B companies are aggressively pursuing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) activities to remain ‘visible’ in the virtual marketplace. SEM is touted to be the top ranked online marketing  automationtechnique in recent times, and it plays a primary role in driving website traffic and contributing for lead generation activity as well.  Since SEM is revenue driven most B2B companies have also increased their spending for SEM thereby making SEM a high priority activity for Lead management .

One of the most successful ways to drive website traffic has surely been advertisements on the LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn is a network of professionals. It is also the right podium to reach targeted professional audiences.  LinkedIn advertisements contain limited lines of text, a small image or logo while the cost to the advertiser is directly proportional to the number of ad impressions or ad clicks.

Highlights of LinkedIn Ads
  • LinkedIn marketers can narrow their reach based on geographical location of the LinkedIn member, company, job title, gender, groups and age parameters.  
  • Since members exhibit their INTENT by joining LinkedIn Groups it enables marketers to create targeted outreach programs.
  • Ads will be displayed to LinkedIn members who meet your targeting criteria. So, a LinkedIn ad will contain an advertisement that will be displayed to members who meet the targeting criteria.
  • Targeting an advertisement means narrowing the scope of members that are eligible to view the advertisement.
  • LinkedIn ads will ideally appear on profile page, home page, inbox, search results page and on group pages.

Highlights of Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Pay per Click advertising is an aggressive and responsive online marketing medium to drive quick targeted traffic, build brand & create buzz with high ROI.
  • No other online marketing channel can reach a greater audience than the paid channel.
  • It is an extremely flexible advertising platform where the advertisers can fine tune the marketing plan as needed.

By using PPC techniques on LinkedIn, companies can expect to remain on the forefront and also effectively market their products.

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