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February 2012

Posted on February 14th, 2012, 0:27

The lifeline of every business irrespective of this being a small and medium enterprise or a large business conglomerate is its logistics and supply systems. Every business is bound by the basic process of receiving an order, and delivering the consignment to the buyer. This completes a transaction process. Though it sounds simple, the selling process being different for every enterprise, this order fulfillment process also varies.

Though defined as the process of receiving an order, followed by shipping the order to the buyer to complete a transaction, Order fulfillment involves a more sophisticated movement of products from the manufacturers location to a wide range of customers.  With globalization being the key word in every industry segment, order fulfilment service providers needs to ensure that the products picked up from the manufacturer should reach customers at even the farthest corner, irrespective of these being a multinational company or a small home–based business.

Organizations today are increasingly dependent on effective supply chain process to compete in the global market and networked economy. The concept of business relationships extends beyond traditional boundaries, and involves an entire business process of multiple companies within its value network. The growth of multinational companies, joint ventures, strategic alliances and business partnerships have paved way for the evolution of supply chain management. The advent of electronic data interchanges and Enterprise resource planning led way for integration of the supply chain management. Further, globalization of business environment and technological innovations, with its demands gaining a competitive advantage and value-adds have led to the globalization, and outsourcing of the supply chain management systems.

However, order fulfillment process being the core function of the supply chain process of any organization, outsourcing this process to complete fulfilment companies has become the trend in the industry. This helps the client companies to concentrate on their core issues while the fulfillment companies handle the order fulfillment as a turnkey solution with greater competencies and lower costs.

With technological innovations, a number of order fulfillment software have been developed which can be used to control the critical aspect of supply chain management. However, the development of the cloud process based order management systems will not only enable the enterprises to automate and control the order fulfillment flow, but also integrate all the members of the value network to execute business logic. This would provide visibility and clarity throughout the Order Fulfillment process.  This web based order fulfillment process scores over the traditional softwares in its centralized, end-to-end visibility and control of picking, processing, packaging, dispatch and transport.

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Posted on February 12th, 2012, 22:09

How do look up to the mobile phone on your palms? For most of us it is much more than a device for making and receiving calls. With the upswing in the area mobile application development a mobile phone has literally become a computing device and an integral aspect of our lives.

Today most users are willing to purchase advanced mobile handsets than the basic ones. They would prefer a handset that would enable them to carry on with their computing work whilst they are on the go. This is especially true for the mobile workers.  As a result of which, numerous MNC’s have forayed into the mobile application development segment today.

With technological innovation, everyday is a new scope for service providers to come up with better applications and solutions. This is because any software discovered today becomes outdated soon and there is a need for an upgraded one. A quick review into to market will make you realize that multiple mobile operating platforms, such as Blackberry, Windows, Symbian, Android, Java and many others are being used today. The manner in which the mobile application developing solutions work helps to maximize the productivity level of a handset.

Eminent software product development brands are well equipped today with the new age procedures, tools and the required level of  expertise and experience  to generate mobile applications faster and in a cost-efficient manner. The focus areas include the following:-
  • Location-Based Services (LBS)
  • Mobile Media Streaming
  • Presence & Social Networking
  • Messaging & Syncing
  • Mobile Advertisement & Ad Engines
  • Mobile VoIP
  • Gaming

These apart, service providers have the experience and required skill of working with Level A enterprises and have been supporting them with valuable product lifecycle management solutions. Selected mobile application development facilities are listed below-
  • Developing mobile applications in J2ME, BREW, Android, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry
  • Conceptualizing mobile applications and eliciting requirements, for instance UI design, prototype, wireframes, user stories
  • Designing, developing and testing applications
  • Porting mobile applications between platforms and devices
  • Developing server-side and infrastructure, including for location & mapping services
  • Integrating third-party components on the server side, for instance SMS/MMS, billing, feeds, ads, content and many others
  • Integrating carrier, SMSC and billing systems, for instance LBS platform for location determination
  • Coordinating with carriers and device manufacturers for mobile application testing and certification, for instance NSTL, Java Verified
  • Launching and distributing mobile applications
  • Carrier Catalogs and Storefronts
  • Providing maintenance and support services

It is estimated that the mobile application development industry is a million dollar worth industry and is estimated to grow and expand in the forthcoming years. This in turn will act as a platform for other companies to make profits.

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Posted on February 9th, 2012, 4:23

To explain in a simple way, supply chain management (SCM) deals with the facilities and distribution choices that help in procuring materials, converting them into finished or intermediate products, and also disseminating the final goods to users. Whether an organization is manufacturing or service oriented one, supply chains are present and the complexity differ from one firm to the other firm.

Conventionally, distribution, marketing, manufacturing, planning and purchasing organizations have their customized supply chain systems and lead to certain internal conflicts. For instance, the manufacturing concerns are set up in a way that it increases the output and minimize the expenses keeping a little consideration for the influence on distribution capacities and inventory levels. Similarly, purchasing contracts are generally negotiated with very less data apart from historical purchasing patterns. Hence there is a requirement for a method that would incorporate all these different functions together. Supply chain management solutions are the medium through which this integration can be attained.

Today, there are eminent service providers of supply chain management solutions that results in numerous cost advantages through the Alfa Level. Some of them are as follows:-
  • Minimized logistics expenses by 30% with the help of order and shipment consolidation
  • Minimized logistics management staff globally by 70%
  • Results in automated processing of 90% of orders and even more
  • Minimized the count of warehouses from 70 to 3
  • Minimized stock by 30%
  • Helps in attaining real-time visibility into ongoing order fulfillment logistics flow
  • Minimized transport invoice expenses through an improved control of carriers’ invoices
  • Minimized environmental impact through lesser locations and improved shipment consolidation

Service providers today make use of the innovative Cloud Process and offers innovative order management system which allows the users to view whatever is taking place in the flow. This leads to better effective logistics planning and consolidation, as well as intervening with the appropriate measures as and when it is required.

Supply chain management solutions is generally taken as a medium that operates between vertically integrated firms, where the total material flow is supervised by one firm as well as those where every channel partner functions independently. Hence, a co-ordination between the different players in the chain is what leads to success. Cooper and Ellram have compared an effective supply chain management to a balanced relay team that is competitive. Along with other innovative features, service providers of SCM also specialize in efficient purchase order software.

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Posted on February 1st, 2012, 22:54

Unhindered communication is one of the factors for easy and fast developments today. The present era cannot survive without communication. Procuring information is vital for all businesses. Due to consistent information businesses are able to gauge the market activities of customers and plan their next business strategy accordingly. Communication has to be fast, precise and consistent to facilitate prompt decisions and make progressive developments in business without delays.

The use of mobile technology has provided us the benefits of faster communication and it has become an indispensable part of our lives. Cellular phones and wireless devices have initiated the trend of remaining in touch with the surroundings while on the move without causing any disturbances or inconveniences. These mobile devices require sophisticated and advanced technological applications in order to enable communication for its users.

Besides being carriers of sound waves that enable two people to talk and hear each other these mobile applications provide the facility to indulge in online shopping and games, watch movies, listen to music, check emails, conduct business, seminars, meetings etc., and many other such functions. As the users are getting accustomed to the benefits of the mobile world they are demanding better features such as high levels of integration, flexibility, reliability and security.

To provide these features to the customers businesses have to employ solutions for development of mobile applications. Developing mobile applications is not child’s play and there are several factors that need to be considered. The mobile applications have to be designed to include capabilities such as location based services, mobile media streaming, messaging and syncing, mobile advertisements and ad engines, mobile VoIP, games and social networking.

The need for mobile application development experts is a necessity to ensure that the conceptualization of applications, designing, development and testing applications is carried out perfectly without any scope for errors that may become the cause of rejection amongst the users. These experts have the know-how on how to make the applications compatible with different platforms and devices.

They know that integration is a priority and thus develop the applications that help in integrating with third party components such as billing systems, feeds ads and content. The applications developed are intensely secure giving the users the freedom to use them without any concerns. A reliable mobile application development professional provides the businesses with unfailing maintenance and support services. They are thorough with the software product development process and provide businesses with customized, excellent and effective product lifecycle management solutions.

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