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March 9th, 2012

Posted on March 9th, 2012, 3:57

Supply chain management solutions are of utmost importance to enterprises today. The two essential elements of revenue recognition are sound market coverage and product availability. Both these elements are further dependent on the sound execution of a supply chain strategy. To explain in simple terms, whenever a new product is launched and advertised in the market, the sales counters must have it so that customers can purchase it. If there are delivery hindrances that disrupt the product delivery process, then it will make  users loose their interest in the product. Simultaneously, the demand too falls down resulting in less revenue. Hence, transportation design and management are of significance in supporting sales and marketing strategy.

Two other important components in supply chain management solutions are inventory control and inventory visibility. In any operations, these two components are considered as cost drivers and have an impact on bottom lines that is constituted in the balance sheet. To any enterprise inventory is similar to value. It is an asset. Every enterprise has got its own specification for inventory turnaround. It denotes the number of time the same has been substituted and sold in a year. Therefore, the inventory health reflects the business condition and health.

Today eminent service providers have come up with efficient supply management solutions that use innovative Cloud Processes. Some of the benefits are listed below:-
  • Minimizes logistics expenses by 30% through order and shipment consolidation
  • Minimizes logistics administration staff globally by 70%
  • Leads to automated processing  beyond  90% of orders
  • Minimizes the count of warehouses from 70 to 3
  • Minimizes stock by 30%
  • Gained real-time visibility into the end-to-end order fulfillment logistics flow
  • Minimizes transport invoice charges with the help of better control of carriers’ invoices
  • Minimizes environmental impact through fewer locations and better shipment consolidation

Furthermore, these solutions has an innovative purchase order software and order management system that is set up with the help of the Cloud Processes and offers better control in the overall logistics flow that consists of delivery, dispatch and returns flow. It includes everything from data warehousing and business intelligence to transport booking and even printing transport documentation and labels.

All the needed order management system functions are well incorporated into an overall coverage platform and are delivered at an affordable “pay-as-you-go” rate. It manages quickly manages any integrations that is important, for instance integration the ERP systems with the platform and associating any present used forwarders that are not integrates in the Cloud Processes.

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