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March 11th, 2012

Posted on March 11th, 2012, 22:14

The growth of technology has had its effect on today’s business growth with trading being conducted over the Internet and similar networks. Known as e-commerce, this has resulted from the widespread use of Internet, electronic data interchange, wide spread out supply chain management, and gained encouragement from technological innovations such as electronic fund transfer, online transaction processing and Internet marketing.

Largely conducted for trading of virtual products and services, the growth of e-commerce has seen the involvement of physical transportation of goods. With the worldwide web used during the transaction lifecycle, today’s e-commerce transaction s involves the use of e-mail, social networking and mobile devices too. Most of the e-commerce solutions developed and used till date meet the requirement of business-to-business (B2B) mode of e-commerce transactions or business-to-consumer (B2C).

Today as the social networking websites play a major role in the consumer’s purchase decisions, e-commerce tend to move beyond simple B2B and B2C shopping sites.  The enterprises involved in e-commerce also move from the traditional model of online shopping and makes use of the social networking sites to incorporate customer research and their participation as a marketing technique. Further, the innovations in mobile applications have paved way for expansion of e-commerce to enable consumers to shop from any location and any device. However, this requires software professionals to have a good industry expertise so as to enable secure data management and handle a large website traffic.

To provide the customers with a good user interface, secure payment gateways and a rapidly performing ecommerce websites, the enterprises from the industry sector need to develop world-class ecommerce solutions incorporated with updated business intelligence tools. The leaders in e-commerce software product development with their industry expertise of having developed cutting edge solutions for established industries focuses their ecommerce solutions on areas of online shopping, social and mobile commerce and interactive advertising.

Further, a good customer research facilitates the project engineering teams to understand the market trends and work to provide the customer with effective ecommerce solutions for mobile commerce. Mobile commerce makes use of any mobile device, PDA’s smartphones or laptops connected through computer networks to make any kind of monetary or ownership transaction of goods or services.

In an era when digital shopping innovations are taking shape, the availability of new handheld mobile devices in the market, makes the generation next the early adopters of such advanced ecommerce applications.  Being more open to premium mobile content and applications and least affected by price index, they become the target audience.  The ecommerce solutions developed by the leaders in the industry sector ensure a fast, reliable and cost-effective shopping experience with online catalog, shopping carts, pointy of dales and secure payment gateways, mobile advertisements, inventory management, coupon codes and gift certificates as well as location based shopping.

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