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April 20th, 2012

Posted on April 20th, 2012, 5:08

The reason as to why certain organizations resort to order fulfillment services is clear to us. Their main agenda is the huge savings that they can attain and also satisfy the consumer while at it. The objective of these service organizations is to operate their best at offering their users the biggest customer mechanism in terms of the fulfilling orders. Apart from the expertise of such service enterprises the expenses to utilize then will not actually add that much as compared to the expenses of deploying order fulfillment solutions within an organization. The service people can effectively offer customer satisfaction via their high end order fulfillment process.

Today there are eminent service providers of order fulfillment process that utilizes the Cloud Process as well and allows the enterprises to control and automate the order fulfillment flow on a continuous basis, incorporating all the contributing business partners, implementing the business logic at every step in the flow and offering complete visibility in the overall process. The Cloud process would help the users to monitor the service level agreements that are agreed upon with the participants and also the KPI’s that a user has defined in the process.

Such innovative order fulfillment process handles orders from the receipt via sourcing and validation. It controls and monitors the processing, packing and the picking of each single order and also the progress the service provider made. Some of the advantages and features of this solution are listed below:-

Minimized Lead Times (10-50%)
·         Re engineered supply chain process
·         Central rules driven process
·         Flexible service provider selection
·         Minimized complexity
·         Mechanized order, document consolidation creation

Enhanced Customer Experience
·         Online end-to-end visibility
·         Proactive management and notifications
·         Strategic business intelligence

However, some of the order fulfillment modules offered by eminent service providers are as follows:-
·         Business Intelligence Portal
·         Mobile Interfaces
·         Document Generation Engine
·         Financial Manager
·         Order Manager
·         Web Interfaces
·         Shipping Manager
·         Inventory Manager
·         Integration Gateway
·         POD and Document Archiving Manager
·         Network Optimization Engine
·         Print Manager
·         Notification Engine
·         Process Monitor
·         Admin Manager
·         Contract Manager
·         Operational Report Engine
·         Asset Planning and Forecasting
·         Track and Trace

Service providers of order fulfillment initiatives have numerous available spaces within their warehouses of any type of product. If the item is required to be housed delicately or it required staying in a climate-controlled ambiance, and other facilities are accessible at reasonable price range. These service providers also delve in order management systems and also effective digital management.

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