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July 5th, 2012

Posted on July 5th, 2012, 3:20

With B2B companies realizing the immense potential of marketing automation tools, it is essential to know their relevance from the organizationís scheme of priorities.

Lead Generation
Keeping a healthy sales pipeline is a desired objective of every organization and also the only way firms can sustain themselves in the marketplace. But then finding good business leads is no mean task. For firms struggling to keep their sales funnel buzzing a marketing automation tool can really help.

Unlike B2C organizations and e-commerce sites, B2B websites have primarily been used as a company brochure online. All marketing activities, be it online or offline, do direct a number of companyís prospects to their website, but these are hardly noticed. So, although there is a good amount of traffic generated to the corporate website, organizations are actually losing out on getting to know almost 95% of the people who have shown some level of interest because there is no mechanism to track their visits.

Marketing automation tools can help in such a scenario because they provide insights on both the kinds of enterprise visitors Ė those who disclose their identity and those who abandon the sites (anonymous visitors).

Lead Management
If generating leads is tough in a B2B set-up then managing leads and tracking their progress from a warm lead to a closed deal is even tougher, considering most B2B cycles are 12-18 month long. Keeping track of a leadís activities, their varying stages of interest and pushing the irrelevant ones out of the system are all essential part of Lead Management and can make all the difference when it comes to successful sales closures.

The marketing automation tool eases and simplifies the process of Lead Management, it makes it easier to track the activities of the Leads, it scores them based on their interactions with the website and even helps automate the lead nurturing emails keeping in mind their levels of activity and interest in the product.

Marketing automation helps the company prioritize leads, keeps the communication channels with the lead open and informs the marketer when the lead is ready to be graduated as a prospect and sent to the sales team for final pitch and closure.

In short,  b2b Marketing Automation tools can help you read your prospectís mind, analyze their behavior and draw logical conclusions, thereby helping you make more informed marketing and sales pitches.

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