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September 4th, 2012

Posted on September 4th, 2012, 3:25

Content marketing is a great strategy for lead generation which focuses on different ways of engaging the website visitor. For successful lead generation, website content must cater to the different buying stages of the prospect. The four main stages of any prospect are research, consider, trial and buy.

In the research stage the content creates the maximum impact on the prospect. The prospect has taken the first baby steps acknowledging he has a need and is looking for options. Marketers need to use this opportunity to put their product or service in the best possible light. The strategy here would be to share content that addresses the need expressed by the prospect. There is no need to talk much about the product at this juncture; it is enough to explain the solution to his need. The vital content that needs to be used here are thought leadership content including whitepapers, research reports, and interactive content like Webinars and podcasts.

In the consider stage, the prospect knows his need and is considering to buy a product or service. He now knows that the marketer can help him solve his need, but does not know much about the product. So the content at this stage should talk about the marketerís product and its value proposition and how it can solve the prospectís need. Content formats that can be used are product/service oriented content like features list, data sheet, product videos etc.

In the trial stage, the prospect has moved beyond the consideration phase and wants to try out the product to see if it fits his requirements.  He might also want to compare the product features with a competitorís. The marketer should focus on a content strategy that convinces prospect about the need of the product. The content formats recommended here are detailed demos on how to use various features, support documents to help the prospect navigate easily, pricing and competitor feature comparison charts.

In the final buy stage the prospect expresses his interest in buying the marketerís product or service. This is where he needs to be assured that heís made the right choice and that he can trust the marketing automation company. The content strategy at this stage should be to make the whole buying process simple. The prospect should opt for the product knowing heís gone for the best. The content formats recommended here are customer testimonials and success stories, special discounts, privacy and product security related documents.

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