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October 2012

Posted on October 31st, 2012, 2:17

The foremost benefit of using marketing automation for B2B marketing lies in increased revenue. The next important benefit lies in bringing together many processes into one single system that will help marketers to manage prospect and customer databases, track website activity, and use this intelligence to nurture them. The versatility of B2B marketing automation solutions also lies in helping marketers to execute a variety of segmented, multi channel campaigns.

Here are some of the ways in which marketing automation software helps to enhance lead generation and lead nurturing efforts.

Campaign creation and execution
All lead generation efforts start with a welcome campaign. This is basically done to spread awareness about a newly released product or offer. Marketing automation solutions come to rescue of email marketing teams by providing them the luxury to create emails from predefined templates and scheduling the email sending process. The software may also provide them with auto-responder options, recipient opt-out buttons and may even help manage social media campaigns. By working with completely automated solutions, marketers can now deliver emails, determine their interest levels and personalize future messages as well.

Webinars are multipurpose in nature; they help in lead generation, nurturing, engagement, brand building and visibility as well. Marketing automation solutions aid in creating and managing webinar events. They also help track webinar registrations, clicked URLs and schedule webinar events. Marketers could download customized reports such as attendees Vs. registrations or success analytics.

Lead-scoring allows marketers to assign a value to leads based on implicit or explicit behavior. Marketing automation solutions help marketers to easily set up a lead scoring model based on online website activity, demographics, etc. By scoring leads automatically, marketers can get timely information on lead visits and activities and, nurture only those with top scores only.

Lead Segmentation
For a company, leads may flow in from different sources – online or offline. To differentiate a prospect from a website visitor is challenging because the marketer is not aware of the intent of his visit. The possibility that a visitor is a prospect depends on the source from where he has reached the corporate website. Using B2B marketing automation solutions, one can easily identify prospects and also gain background information on them, thereby elevating them to the lead status.

Marketers will be able to clearly segment leads arriving from social media campaigns, form-fills, email campaigns or paid campaigns. By segmenting leads based on sources, marketers can use the appropriate medium of communication to send out relevant messages as well.

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Posted on October 22nd, 2012, 23:55

According to Forrester"s marketing forecast based on an online survey conducted, "email marketing and spending is expected to actually balloon to $2 billion by 2014". This means that greater numbers of businesses are looking at email marketing to offer them higher levels of cost-effectiveness and efficiency to derive better ROI. Email marketing has been a great source to get access to as many people as you want and it works because it allows marketers to target their audience. Email marketing is s data driven, it influences direct sales and it builds relationships, loyalty and trust.

Being an extremely cost-effective way to communicate with prospective and existing customers, the key objective of email marketing for most businesses is to create "brand awareness" and get as many leads as possible. While the success of any marketing campaign depends on delivering the right message to the right people at the right time, it is important to have a sophisticated email marketing tool tracks and analyzes prospect behavior based on the email campaigns run.

To ensure maximum returns from email marketing programs, it is important to see if the campaign is relevant and if it carries the right message. Though these aspects may be frivolous, they are essential to determine the success of your campaign. An interesting fact in email campaigns is that "if 8 out of 10 people read your email subject and from address, only 2 will read the rest." If that is the case, then you need to ensure that your subject line is pertinent to the reader, and arresting to retain their interest. This makes it vital to arm your email campaign with a solid database would ensure better leads.

An effective integration of your email marketing with your social media campaigns can add that extra push to your campaign.  The social media site is an effective email marketing platform that provides beneficial contributions. Through the social media sites it is possible to send promotional emails to capture the attention of the customers. While it helps maintain a long relationship with loyal customers, it also helps reach out to a larger audience effectively using this marketing strategy without making large investments.

The right execution of an effective email marketing campaign would certainly bring in added benefits. Effective email marketing allows companies to proactively communicate with their existing customers instead of passively waiting for them to return to your  Web site, visit your store or office, call you on the phone, etc. With email marketing you can solidify existing relationships, initiate new ones, and convert your one-time visitors, buyers, and members into repeat business and long-term customers.

Go ahead and announce recent developments and new products and services to your prospective customers. Reinforce your sales pipelines, and give your business an email marketing edge.

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Posted on October 22nd, 2012, 3:06

Electronic commerce, or e-commerce, has reshaped the way corporate houses as well as small and medium enterprises conduct the day-today business. Enterprises have made use of the capabilities of the Internet and has paved way for businesses to build new methods of providing consumers with products and services in more profitable ways. E-commerce acts as carriers of business and commercial activities over a specific network.

E-commerce solutions though different from the traditional retail store solutions to market a product or service, works in the same format of transferring the ownership rights of goods and services. Further, having entered a digital era, the entire transactions are also electronic format.  Today with the enterprises looking out for a wide global network, retail store solutions across the length and breadth of  world is an expensive option. Global enterprises thus make use of both e-commerce solutions and physical stores to ensure a profit oriented business.

The e commerce solutions are used by the new age enterprises to create virtual storefronts websites which are  teamed up with the physical stores to increase the brand image. Basically e-commerce solutions fall into 3 sectors- business to consumer, busies-to-business and consumer-to-consumer  though mainly the B2b and B2C are the most considered ones. Electronic commerce along with the advent of new technological innovations and banking software solutions have opened up avenues for online payment mode which helps both the parties irrespective of this being a B2B or B2C transaction. For the consumers, this has opened avenues of shopping from the comfort zones, with the entire world ready to be explored.

Further, the advent of technological innovations and mobile applications   has empowered the consumers with anytime anywhere access to the web stores. The applications from the mobile application development companies, along with other e-commerce solutions have revolutionized the business world.  The eCommerce solutions help enterprises in areas of web-based management of inventory, development of web portals for event management and ticketing, creation of online auction engines optimized content generation and a scalable platform for digital content delivery.

The boosting effect on the sales graph of the enterprises which has taken the e-commerce route has made such solutions a part of every organizations marketing strategy.  Today, irrespective of the size, enterprises make use of various e-commerce solutions   to market their product to a wide global customer base. With a number of distribution channels, e commerce today has reached greater heights. Besides referring to online buying and selling of the product or services it covers any type of business that allows exchange of goods and services between corporations. The banking software solutions help the e commerce market to handle a secure and real-time transfer of funds.

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Posted on October 16th, 2012, 3:34

Every business enterprise has a profit oriented objective and enterprises work with various strategies and methods to achieve this objective. Marketing of products and services through various means help the enterprises in achieving their goal. However marketing strategies have  changed over the years with the changing and technology landscape.  Today, most of the leading and brands as well as some small and medium enterprises have their footprints on the world wide web. The increasing use of digital media as a communication tool by the customers has promoted the e-commerce initiatives of  enterprises.

With diminishing world economy, social media has gained a place in the marketing strategies of the leading organizations the world over. Social media campaigns help organizations market their products and services to a wider customer base across the globe. Though there is no alternatives to a physical presence in a business meet, building customer relationships on global level through face to face interaction  will require  enterprises to pool in  large amounts from their exchequer. However   technological innovations over the years has paved way for a number of marketing automation solutions which facilitates customer building and retention, market expansions, entry into new market and launching of new products and services.

The presence of a next generation techno savvy customer helps enterprises benefit from social media and email marketing  campaigns. These effect of these campaigns are further enhanced with virtual conferences,  online catalogs, blogs  and social media networking sites.  The social media enhances the effectiveness of in-person events by using the social networking sites to share information such as agendas, speakers, topic and event highlights. It helps organizations to identify prospective attendees on the basis of  biographical or demographic information and customize invitations for the event. Further, it also helps enterprises to create social teams to spread the word across a wider public.

The social networking sites is a forum for prospective  and existing customers to interact with one another.  Enterprises with the presence on the web  join the social networking sites or create a  social profile as part of their social media campaigns. This helps prospective customer reach out to understand the products and services better through interactions with one another and with the organization.

The media irrespective of  its  digital or physical form, is a great method of increasing brand awareness and customer engagement leading to long term loyalty and boost in sales. However, in today's technologically enabled business environment the social media plays a major role in doing these functions. Social media campaigns which come in all shapes and sizes gives it the uniqueness. However, irrespective of this being a part of B2C marketing or B2B marketing automation,  a set of clear objectives and laser sharp targeting is the success mantra for the social media campaigns.

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Posted on October 10th, 2012, 0:24

Every business irrespective of its size and the industry sector, all aim to be a profit oriented one. Organizations in their attempt to meet this objective work towards gaining maximum customers and retaining them. With technology playing a major role today, the efforts in customer retention and loyalty has changed from mere door-to-door sales campaigns to a more sophisticated and techno savvy techniques.

Today technological innovations and internet play a vital role in improving communication and connectivity across the globe. Thus, organizations have   been benefited with a wider space for marketing their products and services.  The widespread use of the internet as a communication channel has helped organizations to make use of electronic mails as a major marketing strategy. With everyone in possession of an e-mail account, an estimated 1.2 billion accounts worldwide,  email marketing is today is one of the cheapest forms of advertising that has ever existed, and next only to the  "word of mouth" marketing  which has an intensely  viral effect.

Email marketing is a useful advertising tool and is considered one of the best ways of getting a brand message across to a larger audience.  Something which started off for the offline business, is today widely used in e-commerce. Technological innovations having paved way for growth of e-commerce market, the enterprises with their footprints on the World Wide Web opt for email marketing campaigns. Researches conducted by various organizations showcases that email marketing generates good ROI and is now considered second best to search engine optimization tools.

But with e-commerce gaining a strong foothold, and a large number of marketing automation tools available, organizations tend to make large use of email marketing besides social media campaigns. However the effectiveness of email marketing is dependent on a number of factors and is results in target marketing, facilitates   direct sales, helps build B2B and B2C relationships besides customer loyalty.  Being a low cost and effective means to reach a wide range of targeted audiences, email marketing services is considered a powerful and popular marketing tool and a preferred one by most B2B enterprises. Communicating with the existing customers and potential ones, through newsletters, brochures, information about products and services via email, email marketing helps  to  build good customer relationship.

Organizations also make use of email marketing tool such as email campaigns, to track and analyze a prospect’s behavior. This further helps to create campaigns easily with the integrated email marketing module and easy user interface. Further it helps organizations to use the email campaign responses along with web analytic to understand the customer. However, with technological innovations, the email marketing has changed over the years.  With e-commerce marketing solutions supporting database integration and segmentation, the marketing automation solutions are more effective today.

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Posted on October 9th, 2012, 5:38

The banking industry round the globe has been witnessing massive changes over the past few years owing to the multiple economic changes and regulatory norms. Today banks are transforming their service type to a “universal banking” model that means scaling service beyond savings, loans and checking. This is done so that they are able to succeed in this aggressive and competitive market scenario. This apart, the constant innovations in the banking sector for instance micro payments, peer-to-peer lending, social savings, collaborative financial planning is also evolving the overall landscape in this sector. In addition to all this the regulatory compliance and its policies too are an essential aspect that needs to be given utmost priority in daily transactions.

Keeping these concerns in mind, the modern day banking software solutions focus on areas such as:

·         Lending and leasing

·         Fraud detection and prevention

·         Regulatory compliance

·         Financial reports

Today eminent companies specializing in agile product life cycle management have been experimenting and researching on the various technological knowhow such as open source software development, present day banking needs and regulations and have come with innovative banking software solutions that offer a comprehensive range of services. Some of them are listed below:

·         Helps in leveraging SaaS models to integrate SOA best practices

·         Helps to establish financial reporting that executes XBRL standards, comply with SEC regulations and produce statutory reports

·         Set frameworks that help in fraud detection and prevention

·         Helps to establish financial analytics and business intelligence tools

·         Set up mobile banking applications

·         Offers solutions that lead to software compliance

·         Helps in mitigating legacy banking software to a cloud computing model

·         Assists in designing lending applications that incorporate with credit reports and credit bureaus

Since banking needs are growing continuously, it is simple to analyze as to why a banking software solution is so essential to monitor collateral. Financial firms and banking institutions require systems that can systematize and manage a huge quantity of employees, consumers and confidential documents. Hence, a banking software is essential to enhance customer care services and running business operations seamlessly.

However, while opting in for a solution provider it is essential to analyze your banking requirements as well as your consumer demands. It is always advisable to join hands with a solution provider that caters to your service requirements, budget capacities and has a positive market feedback.

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Posted on October 5th, 2012, 6:04

The booming electronic market is the result of advanced technological innovations that take place very often. Further, this is closely connected to the demands from the customers. With large number of smartphones making their way into the market and into the hands of the customers, there is a constant demand for high-end applications at the touch of a button. The android provides a broad application development platform  for smart phones.

Android, which is an operating system and software platform built on Linux OS has been developed in alliance by Google and Open Handset. With the wide use of smart phones and tablet PC's,  Android has become the most demanding technology among mobile application developers as it offers the them an  opportunity to bring out the functionality of the new age devices. Mobility becoming important in every aspect of human life from business, entertainment, sports and social networking, the mobile application development companies work hard to put in the customers dreams to reality.

Surveys and Google searches all point to Android as the favorite operating system with a layered environment and rich functions. The popularity of this has placed  Android software development  much in demand.

This linux based operating system has can provide a healthy  connectivity for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wireless data over  GPRS, EDGE, and 3G. Android software development is the process by which new applications are developed using programming language like Java and are created for use through the Android operating system.

The  users  benefit from  applications such as Google Maps, global positioning system, and hardware support   programs for  camera, touch-screen, and motion-censors. Further, in keeping pace with technology upgrading, mobile application developers have worked to provide built-in support for 2-D and 3-D graphics and media.

However, with android software development much in demand, showcases the fact that this platform is less susceptible to failure. Moreover, the android based systems are low in investments and being license free can be used in a wide variety of applications for the new age devices. The application developers are further benefited with android software development as software can be easily for  upgraded, enhanced  and altered without spending any extra amount.

Understanding the breadth and depth of dynamic mobile environment,helps the leading service providers to offer their clientele android application development capabilities such as:

·    A wide range of applications for  streaming, social networking, messaging and  remote device management.

·   Ensure  a rich user experience

·   Design widget-based applications using Android´s widget framework

·   Develop social networking and plug-in frameworks

To meet the wildfire demands from the customers, the enterprises are highly dependent on the android technology. The developers work around to create contemporary applications through the android software development framework. Further by ensuring a smooth adaptation process, the android experts help the clients focus on core businesses.

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