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October 10th, 2012

Posted on October 10th, 2012, 0:24

Every business irrespective of its size and the industry sector, all aim to be a profit oriented one. Organizations in their attempt to meet this objective work towards gaining maximum customers and retaining them. With technology playing a major role today, the efforts in customer retention and loyalty has changed from mere door-to-door sales campaigns to a more sophisticated and techno savvy techniques.

Today technological innovations and internet play a vital role in improving communication and connectivity across the globe. Thus, organizations have   been benefited with a wider space for marketing their products and services.  The widespread use of the internet as a communication channel has helped organizations to make use of electronic mails as a major marketing strategy. With everyone in possession of an e-mail account, an estimated 1.2 billion accounts worldwide,  email marketing is today is one of the cheapest forms of advertising that has ever existed, and next only to the  "word of mouth" marketing  which has an intensely  viral effect.

Email marketing is a useful advertising tool and is considered one of the best ways of getting a brand message across to a larger audience.  Something which started off for the offline business, is today widely used in e-commerce. Technological innovations having paved way for growth of e-commerce market, the enterprises with their footprints on the World Wide Web opt for email marketing campaigns. Researches conducted by various organizations showcases that email marketing generates good ROI and is now considered second best to search engine optimization tools.

But with e-commerce gaining a strong foothold, and a large number of marketing automation tools available, organizations tend to make large use of email marketing besides social media campaigns. However the effectiveness of email marketing is dependent on a number of factors and is results in target marketing, facilitates   direct sales, helps build B2B and B2C relationships besides customer loyalty.  Being a low cost and effective means to reach a wide range of targeted audiences, email marketing services is considered a powerful and popular marketing tool and a preferred one by most B2B enterprises. Communicating with the existing customers and potential ones, through newsletters, brochures, information about products and services via email, email marketing helps  to  build good customer relationship.

Organizations also make use of email marketing tool such as email campaigns, to track and analyze a prospectís behavior. This further helps to create campaigns easily with the integrated email marketing module and easy user interface. Further it helps organizations to use the email campaign responses along with web analytic to understand the customer. However, with technological innovations, the email marketing has changed over the years.  With e-commerce marketing solutions supporting database integration and segmentation, the marketing automation solutions are more effective today.

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