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October 16th, 2012

Posted on October 16th, 2012, 3:34

Every business enterprise has a profit oriented objective and enterprises work with various strategies and methods to achieve this objective. Marketing of products and services through various means help the enterprises in achieving their goal. However marketing strategies have  changed over the years with the changing and technology landscape.  Today, most of the leading and brands as well as some small and medium enterprises have their footprints on the world wide web. The increasing use of digital media as a communication tool by the customers has promoted the e-commerce initiatives of  enterprises.

With diminishing world economy, social media has gained a place in the marketing strategies of the leading organizations the world over. Social media campaigns help organizations market their products and services to a wider customer base across the globe. Though there is no alternatives to a physical presence in a business meet, building customer relationships on global level through face to face interaction  will require  enterprises to pool in  large amounts from their exchequer. However   technological innovations over the years has paved way for a number of marketing automation solutions which facilitates customer building and retention, market expansions, entry into new market and launching of new products and services.

The presence of a next generation techno savvy customer helps enterprises benefit from social media and email marketing  campaigns. These effect of these campaigns are further enhanced with virtual conferences,  online catalogs, blogs  and social media networking sites.  The social media enhances the effectiveness of in-person events by using the social networking sites to share information such as agendas, speakers, topic and event highlights. It helps organizations to identify prospective attendees on the basis of  biographical or demographic information and customize invitations for the event. Further, it also helps enterprises to create social teams to spread the word across a wider public.

The social networking sites is a forum for prospective  and existing customers to interact with one another.  Enterprises with the presence on the web  join the social networking sites or create a  social profile as part of their social media campaigns. This helps prospective customer reach out to understand the products and services better through interactions with one another and with the organization.

The media irrespective of  its  digital or physical form, is a great method of increasing brand awareness and customer engagement leading to long term loyalty and boost in sales. However, in today's technologically enabled business environment the social media plays a major role in doing these functions. Social media campaigns which come in all shapes and sizes gives it the uniqueness. However, irrespective of this being a part of B2C marketing or B2B marketing automation,  a set of clear objectives and laser sharp targeting is the success mantra for the social media campaigns.

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