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November 5th, 2012

Posted on November 5th, 2012, 2:12

Software development is experiencing a tremendous change away from a fully closed software process towards a process that includes open source software in products and services. The significance of open source has been continuously increasing over time and most software products these contain at least some open source software components. Open Source Software, refers to software for which the source code is distributed without charge or limitations on modifications. Open source sells this approach as a business model, emphasizing faster development and lower overhead, as well as a closer customer relationship and exposure to a broader market.

Although the development of open source software is user-driven, users come together and form a group so that they can communicate ideas and to develop a new product feature. Prior to open source becoming extensively accepted, most developers and producers used a variety of phrases to explain the concept. Open source software development provides entrepreneurs a way to boost their probability of earning revenue quickly, mostly with little or no start-up costs. Senior managers of software development companies use open source to innovate faster, compete more effectively, and grow revenue. Open source software is mostly high-quality software. When you use the open source software, the source code is available. Most open source software are well-designed and can be can also be efficiently used in coding, making it the software a perfect choice for organizations.

Open source gained a huge boost and a wide round of applause with the rise of the Internet, providing access to models diversified production, communication paths and interactive communities. It promotes software reliability and quality by supporting independent peer review and rapid evolution of source code. Open source software development platform offers lower total cost-of-ownership, enhanced interoperability, faster time-to-market and technology transparency. It  also enables companies to access expert resources and components that accelerate the development and release processes.

Partner with a service provider who has the tools, processes and experience and advisory services that are necessary for your enterprise develop innovative open source software products quickly and cost-effectively. It must have a flexible stack of open source software development framework technologies that can be configured your business needs. The service provider that you choose must have the highest level of quality and deep commitment to ensure service excellence and deliver innovative, on-time and cost-effective open source solutions to businesses globally.

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