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November 15th, 2012

Posted on November 15th, 2012, 3:50

Retailers have realized long back that its the customers that are the most crucial people in business. Hence, it is essential to keep them satisfied. Every consumer will appreciate high quality services and staffs going that extra mile for them, however during busy times it can appear challenging to offer customized service to every consumer. At the same time, there are few features of your retail stores design and layout that can make sure that your target consumers always have an excellent shopping experience each day.

When you are designing retail store layout and storage solutions for stock, you are also required to imagine how the store would appear on a busy day with numerous consumers arriving. It will be better for your consumers if they have plenty of space for them to move around freely. This indicates that it will be essential to keep stock storage racks at a reasonable distance from one another, so that consumers can browse without any hassle.

Keeping these aspects in mind eminent product engineering service providers has introduced retail store solutions in association with leading software and retail vendors to assist in a wide range of technology solutions. The focus areas comprise the following:

        Point of Sales (POS) systems
        Customer relationship management
        Store auditing and inventory management

These apart, retail store solutions providers have other capabilities as well, such as having a clear understanding of POS systems, retail store concepts and reporting tools such as Jasper, Micro Strategy and BIRT. Certain retail store solutions on which these solutions have expertise include:

        POS systems that help in the return and purchase of merchandise
        Audit management product that assigns weights, define parameters, track findings and drive compliance reports
        Inventory management software that helps in tracking goods in warehouses and helps a user to view multiple parameters such as exit brands, mark down products and reorder levels and so on. It also helps in the purchase order.
        Complaint management solutions that help store and call centers to track consumer feedback and track it to closure that means mediation, reporting and escalation
        Mobile inventory, marketing and sales applications

In the recent past, the adoption of new technology has increased quick amidst the retail stores from the health chains to oil companies. As the modern day market scenario is expanding the retail field frequently encounters concerns such as non-automated procurement procedures, outdated architecture, inefficient logistics and restricted supply chain visibility. Top notch market players in retail store solutions help clients to solve all these concerns effectively and offer robust, consistent and safe products.

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