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December 6th, 2012

Posted on December 6th, 2012, 20:43

Within the framework of identity and access management, privilege is generally understood as controlling users who have high levels of authorization to access and control over corporate IT systems, information assets and applications. Inadequate control over privileged user accounts is a common source of risk, both from security and  compliance perspective. Despite the business world’s fascination with external threats, breaches from insiders are becoming increasingly common.

Banks, insurance companies, and other institutions are faced with the monumental task of managing authorization to mission-critical systems. These organizations have large numbers of internal and external users accessing an increasing number of applications, with each user requiring a different level of security and control requirements.  Although Privileged accounts and passwords are extremely powerful; allowing a privileged user to log on anonymously and have complete control of the target system with full access to all of the information on that system, is a vulnerability that could potentially cause tremendous financial losses and damage to the reputation. For enterprises, this potential insider threat is especially difficult to manage, while mismanagement of privileged identities can impose a great risk to organizations.

To improve business security, compliance and productivity, privilege authorization policies need to be redesigned and user permissions should be more efficiently managed. It is imperative for organizations to closely examine how powerful privileged accounts are being monitored and controlled, to better protect highly sensitive information, against internal and external threats in any environment. With an effective privileged identity management framework, there is total accountability for insiders, ability to audit and respond to suspicious activities, prevent recurrence of such incidence, while focusing  on secure application development. Privileged Identity Management solution helps in mitigating all these challenges deeper by focusing on the privileged user environment within an organization.

Partnering with a good solution provider can empower IT to eliminate the risk of intentional, accidental and indirect misuse of privileges on desktops and servers, with globally proven solutions. These solutions increase security and compliance without impacting productivity. Privileged Identity Management solutions ensure the secure management, automatic change and monitoring of all activities related to privileged user accounts. It provides complete control to organizations in setting the right policies in place, thereby ensuring proper monitoring and management of privileged accounts and privileged activities.

Companies can better secure privileged accounts and identities by implementing proven processes, procedures and technologies to ensure adherence to the security policies that are in place.

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