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December 19th, 2012

Posted on December 19th, 2012, 3:44

Simply put a "Drip Campaign" refers to the concept of an automated multi-step email campaign. This is kind that companies" sets up way before at hand, pushes go and then observes the results. Each single "Drip" is considered as a single step within a campaign. By nature a drip campaign requires no maintenance the moment it"s underway. This is a reason why this concept is attractive as a modern day online marketing strategy.

Drip campaigns are all about email related communications. According to few marketing experts the process is old school as they consider such a process needs to have a multi-faceted approach. Furthermore, with the emergence of the social media, drip campaigns has the chance to refer virtually to any digital marketing and comprises emails, blogging, tweets, newsletters, and posts. Few steps that help in mastering a drip campaign are:

  • Selecting and Email campaign provider
  • Considering the personas
  • To decide what is to be published
  • To decide how often the content should be published
  • Creating an exclusive newsletter template
  • Uploading the contacts and expand the list
  • Send the first newsletter
  • Reviewing the status and adjusting accordingly

have been an effective medium to build associations with prospects and educate them about any service or product. Companies specializing in B2B marketing automation tools have come up with drip campaign workflow modules that helps companies to set up a multi-stage, customized, drip marketing campaigns. The module delivers personalized messages to the prospects; even they are in one email flow. Furthermore, a company can initiate and operate their own drip campaigns depending on the range of triggers.

Using this workflow module a campaign can be started when a browser visits the product page, when a prospect reaches a certain score in the lead scoring model or when the visitor"s requests for certain input. Personalized email depending on the prospects interest is much more effective than just sending a generic mail to a list of individuals who visited the website. The modules help in the following ways:

  • Helps to generate relationships with prospects
  • Offers a suite of personalized, targeted interaction significant to prospects
  • Lessen the time spent by sales team to educate the prospects
  • Convert the prospects

Today service providers of B2B marketing automation tools helps you to initiate drip campaigns that are based on explicit and implicit conditions. The company monitors a prospect"s website behavior and clicks and initiates the campaign based on the same. The communication can be taken ahead depending on actions if the prospect sends an email, spends more than a minute and so on.

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