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December 25th, 2012

Posted on December 25th, 2012, 21:46

With the advent of mobile computing, mobile phone security has become increasingly essential. It is of great relevance as it relates to the safety of personal data stored in Smartphone’s. Today most business users make use of Smartphone’s as communication devices and also as a tool for organizing and planning corporate and private life. Within enterprises, these technologies are leading to significant changes in the manner the data is organized  and hence they are also becoming the source of unwarranted risks. Smartphone’s collect and compile a high percentage of critical data, access to which needs to be controlled so that the user privacy and enterprise intellectual party are secure.                

Every Smartphone alike computing devices are the preferred target for security attacks by the third party intruders. These security attacks exploit the weaknesses that are present in Smartphone’s that can arise from MMS, SMS, GSM and Wi-Fi networks. Moreover, there are also attacks that exploit software vulnerabilities in operating systems as well as the web browser. In addition to that, there are malicious softwares that depend on the ignorance or weak knowledge of an average user. Therefore, various mobile security services are being designed and applied to Smartphone’s along with a standard mobile phone so that corporate and private data stored in mobile handsets are safe. In addition to this, good practices also must be observed at every level, such as design to use, through operating system development, software layers and downloadable apps.
Service providers specializing in risk management frameworks have come up with advanced mobile security solutions. Some of the services include:

  • Mobile Application Security – examines and resolves mobile application security vulnerabilities through penetration testing, reverse engineering, secure code review and API’s security testing.
  • Mobile Application Store Security – provides security assessment for External Apps, Internal Apps, secure code reviews, device OS, harmful pattern verification and many more.
  • Mobile Payment and Banking Security – offers security assessment of mobile payment and banking applications, reverse engineering, secure code review and payment gateways.
  • Enterprise Mobile Data Management Services – helps the end users by providing access control for critical business information and application usage, data storage encryption, mobile content management and fragmentized data authentication.

In this high-tech era, use of mobile phones is no longer just restricted to calls and text messaging. Mobile phone manufacturers and application developers are attracting consumers with game application and downloads, that make mobile devices vulnerable to virus, security attacks and data thefts. To curtail this menace, an effective mobile security solution helps  put an end to malicious third party attacks that can corrupt the device.

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