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January 16th, 2013

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The competitive business environment and the tough economic times demands  the  small and medium business enterprise  to be faster and  creative  to withstand the competition put forth by the large industry leaders. Traditionally, the availability of  resources signifies  the level of marketing activity that can be carried out by the enterprise. With such restrictions in expanding their marketing activity, staying ahead of competition was a tough challenge. However, with  technological innovations and the advent of  marketing automation solutions the  small and medium enterprises today can compete with their larger counterparts.

Marketing automation software helps enterprises automate the  repetitive tasks carried out by their marketing departments. Such actions allows  the marketing consultants  to concentrate on the more strategic aspects  such as developing marketing content and integrating sales and marketing campaigns.The automated solutions facilitates the marketing personnel and consultants to  specify the  criteria and outcomes for tasks and processes.These  are then interpreted, stored and executed by software.This not only increases efficiency of the marketing departments but also ensures reduction in human error.

In other words, marketing automation is the art and science of managing the timing, target and content of outbound marketing messages automatically. Further, the wide use of technology, Internet, and with the enterprises having a web presence, e-commerce and online shopping have become  the trend for every industrial sector. However, with competition prevailing in the environment, marketing activities need to scale upwards. The marketers need to build up strategies to educate and engage the prospects with valuable content that can facilitate lead nurturing and make them sales ready.

One of the main objectives of marketing automation is to produce a steady stream of "warm leads" for sales personnel to act on. To achieve this objective, enterprises  need to undertake lead scoring activities that will help them determine a prospects position in the marketing funnel and  prioritize them  on their level of interest and activity. This will not only ensure that the most qualified leads are passed on to sales team but also ensures a productive start. Further, these leads are also nurtured with  drip campaign messages either through emails and social media campaigns.

marketing automation software  are used both for the B2B markets  as well as  B2C markets and even longer sales cycle based business-to-government  dealings.The leaders in the industry offer enterprises next generation marketing automation solution that  provides both  B2B enterprises and marketers  a platform that is intuitive and responsive to the dynamic needs of commercial organizations. Powered by its intelligence and analytics, these marketing automation solution ensures end-to-end integration, from designing the lead generation campaign that helps to acquire qualified leads in their sales funnel, generate  effective and customized lead management programs. This facilitates enterprises to achieve shorter sales cycles leading to increased ROI.

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