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January 23rd, 2013

Posted on January 23rd, 2013, 23:30

The lead generation process largely influences the quality and quantity of the leads procured by a B2B company. Today there are many new automated lead generation solutions that can be implemented to ensure that marketing is able to ably coordinate with the sales team to identify and track the leads while the ones that donít close are recycled back for further nurturing.

Since one of the most important goals of the marketing team is to be able to deliver better qualified leads to sales it is of utmost importance to filter them in the first phase itself. This first phase is when the prospect visits the website. Most of the time marketers focus only on those who have registered with the website, but in recent times this will not suffice. Since there is high possibility of anonymous visitors turning into prospective clients the quality of the lead generation process largely influences the quality and quantity of the leads flowing into the company.

Automated lead generation solutions can capture qualified leads, rich with background information of the anonymous visitors. Combined with a good lead scoring model marketers would be able to pick out those who have shown interest on a regular basis.
To get more sales-ready leads and to close more sales, marketing teams should carefully consider each lead generated, and in coordination with the sales team identify and track the quality of each lead and decide at which stage the lead is in the sales funnel. This way, they can also ensure that leads donít close are recycled back to marketing for further lead nurturing. Usually, pre-qualified leads have a significantly higher conversion rate than cold contacts which helps sales achieve sales targets faster.

Advantages of using latest automated B2B lead generation tools include:

  • Identifies high value prospects and decision makers.
  • Provides real time insights into a website visitorís intent.
  • Procures actionable intelligence to convert a visitor into qualified sales lead.
  • Relieves your inside sales teams from time consuming prospecting tasks.
  • Sometimes, offers direct integration with your sales pipeline software and process.
  • Provides improved conversion rates, sales performance and efficiency.
  • Drives effective collaboration methodologies.
  • Enables knowledge sharing across organization to bridge the gap between sales and marketing.

To increase the possibility for the sales teams to make a personalized connection with qualified prospects in real-time marketing automation tools can be implemented by B2B companies.

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