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January 28th, 2013

Posted on January 28th, 2013, 23:27

Trends and usage patterns for mobile phones have witnessed a significant change over the past few years. Today a mobile phone has many more uses than just primarily making and receiving calls. With the advent of Smartphone’s people use their mobile akin to a computing device owing to its mobility and flexibility. This apart, with the predominance of the social web today most individuals use their mobile phones for social gaming and networking, mailing and storing important documents. This trend has compelled the mobile application developing companies to research on the multiple organization and individual demands in order to develop the apt mobile application.

Technology too has an essential role to play developing the mobile application development market. The modern day sophisticated consumers demand mobile applications that offer them with greater processing capacity, elasticity, consistency, security and can be seamlessly integrated with other applications as well. This makes service providers come with tools, expertise and the processes that are essential to assist the ISV’s develop high-end mobile applications in a cost-efficient manner.  This apart, online shopping too has acted as a catalyst for mobile application development. This is because today most consumers prefer to directly shop online using their mobile phones, rather than logging in from their laptops or desktops. This in turn has formed a new channel for mobile operations and consumers today want applications that would help them to complete their online journey smoothly.

Today service providers specializing in software product development have delved into the realm of mobile applications understanding the changing audience demands and finding out ways and means to cater to them. With their years of experience and technological know-how they focus on multiple areas, that includes the following:

·         Location-Based Services (LBS)

·         Mobile Media Streaming

·         Presence & Social Networking

·         Messaging & Syncing

·         Mobile Advertisement & Ad Engines

·         Mobile VoIP

·         Gaming

In the recent past Android and android software development   also have gained prominence owing to the prevalence of these two technologies. Keeping all the latest mobile trends and technologies, service providers today are developing mobile applications BREW, J2ME, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows mobile. They are conceptualizing mobile applications as well as extracting requirements, for instance UI design, wireframes, prototypes, user stories and many more.  In addition to that the companies also are involved in setting up server-side and infrastructure, for location and mapping services and incorporating third party elements on the server-side such as SMS/MMS, billing, feeds, ads, content and and many more.

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