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February 28th, 2013

Posted on February 28th, 2013, 3:14

There are multiple reasons for spending time, money and energy on data protection solution. The most important one being to reduce financial losses, to comply with regulatory policies, being able to cater consumer demands and maintaining a high productivity level.With computing devices becoming an integral part of the modern day business set up, data requirements from regulators for instance the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and from consumers have been imposed on businesses. Today there is a clear expectation that critical and sensitive data should be accessible 24x7, which is not feasible without an efficient data protection strategy.

Most companies deploy data protection solution to protect themselves against any financial loss.Data is considered as an essential corporate asset that must be properly secured.Loss of vital data can result in sales loss,loss of shareholder value,loss of brand reputation as well as meteor chunk of the market share. Furthermore, it can also result in minimizing the investor confidence and consumers resorting to other market players.The worst being, when the losses cannot be retrieved.This is the reason why majority of companies have taken information risk management seriously and are investing in innovative data security programs.

Today service providers specializing in application security have come up with advanced data protection solutions that operate in the following ways:

  • Strategy and Design

Here the service provider analyzes your data protection requirements and set up an efficient dataclassification policy.They also assess the sensitive data,who creates,owns it and the way it is utilized and shared.Based on this risk analysis,a data security framework is set up to address the present and emerging trends like Cloud,BYOD,Mobility and many more.

  •   Control and Integration

Here the service provider helps you to implement apt security and data protection techniques,for instance data leakage prevention (DLP),database access monitoring (DAM) and information rights management (IRM).They also offer technical implementation and project management skills for efficient execution according to the design criteria.

  • Sustenance and Optimization

Here the service provider helps you to optimize and fine tune the technology implementation to make sure better alignment with business data movement policies,minimizing false positives, deploying and reporting incident and consequence management framework for ongoing vigilance that is the key to setting up a culture of  data protection solutions

The 21st century business demands are such that consumers expect business houses and enterprises to keep functioning round the clock.In today’s global economy downtime is not appreciated by end users and can result in business losses.Keeping this in mind service providers of data protection solutions help you implement a compact data protection framework across the information life cycle.With their modular and holistic approach they enable you to sustain and transform data protection.

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