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March 26th, 2013

Posted on March 26th, 2013, 22:04

Going by a latest research by Marketing Pofs, it has been observed that the crucial content marketing and engineering challenge is to come up with an engaging content. It is considered to be an age-old marketing truism that the key for engaging consumers is relevance that comes from a very deeper understanding of consumer behavior and sentiment. However, as the modern day consumers are gradually becoming more social and the business and personal worlds are continuing to mix, the tools and tactics that that are implemented in order to get to know and engage the target consumers are changing dramatically. Not very surprising, the demands of this new trend of the socially-savvy-consumer are not only compelling the evolution of the marketing practice, but also the marketing professionals. Therefore, one can see that the new age content marketing is gradually evolving as content engineering.

Content engineering is all about having a marketer who creates and optimizes the various forms of content needed to engage social consumers, depending on the data presented by accessible analysis tools. These marketers listen to the consumer, through all the newly accessible media, prior to creating the content and marketing messages for every medium. For instance:

        Social media analysis and monitoring offers them a feel about the buyer sentiments on products, brands and ad campaigns.

        Web analytics that help them know which content would be engaging for what kind of visitors and from what kind of sources.

        Search engine optimization tools offers them with the apt keywords to comprise their content to enhance online visibility

In order to help companies manage bulk data, companies specializing in enterprise software solutions have come up with content engineering solutions that leverage numerous automation tools for OCR, pattern detection, machine translation, semantic analysis, business analytics and many more. Services offered by these companies include:

        Content digitization and creation

        Language translation

        Review for correctness, completeness, formatting

        Structuring and categorization

        Moderation of social/collaborative content

        Reporting, metrics and analytics

The new age content engineering solutions organizes the raw data into formatted information and adds analytics to offer knowledge, enabling the enterprise end-users and consumers to concentrate on updated decision-making. The solution providers today works with various media, that comprises video, text and manner of imaging layers and develop critical multi-media content for instance video-on-demand libraries and also schedule 3D maps. Furthermore, the solutions also offer real-time moderation on social and collaborative content to make sure technical consistency and efficient policy enforcement.

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