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April 3rd, 2013

Posted on April 3rd, 2013, 0:49

Today financial software services have become an integral aspect of any business functioning on small, medium or large scale companies. Regardless of the business size, such software solutions are able to extend the much needed solutions for the employers that allow them to carry forward their business seamlessly. One of the best aspects of installing a financial software solution from the point of view of owner is that they are able to spend their valuable time on other essential things than doing the cumbersome job of managing accounts and finances.

Owing to the several benefits that enterprises attain by installing these solutions they are getting well known amidst business owners. Apart from assisting enterprises to cater to complex finance and accounting tasks within few minutes, financial software services also help the proprietor to have their work simplified and focused. Advanced financial and accounting software solution also offer a comprehensive set of solutions such as cash flow and VAT returns, management of budgets, consumers and suppliers, control and stock management, sales and order processing and foreign trading apart from managing the regular accounting tasks.

If you company has been struggling to manage these concerns more effectively, then it is essential to resort advanced financial software solutions. Today the market is filled with enterprise software solutions service providers specializing in financial software services at a reasonable price range. Whether it is about designing a mobile banking application, setting up an online fraud detection platform or re-designing a load processing system from the cloud, expert service providers executes the most stringent security standards and makes sure that all the products comply with the latest compliance regulations. The services offered include:



        Loan origination and processing systems

        Anti-fraud and anti-money laundering software

        Risk management and regulatory compliance

        Integration with credit bureaus

        ATM / POS / kiosk integration

        Online and mobile banking platforms

        Client portals for self-service apps


Financial services

        Trading, settlement and order management platforms

        Analytics and business intelligence tools

        Pricing and confirmation engines

        FIX/FPML exchange solutions

        Online trading and technical analysis platforms



        Rating and underwriting software

        Fraud prevention solutions

        Claim management systems

Financial software service providers with their in-depth knowledge of corporate, retail, and investment banking, works on all stages of the product engineering  lifecycle to build front office solutions that enhance the consumer experience, middle office solutions that manage high volumes of complex data, and back office solutions that optimize business processes.

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