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June 2014

Posted on June 14th, 2014, 5:05

Did you always wish to have that marvellous wedding with grand decorations? Did you always think that kind of weddings that you saw on movies are beyond your grasp? If yes, then it is time for a pleasant reality check. The modern day event managers and wedding planners work hard and are constantly bettering themselves in attempting to offer you lavish wedding decor and set up. Therefore, what you thought was only possible on screen, is possible for you as well. You only need to have the perfect person at work for you.  Finding one is not a difficult job. Just log onto the internet and you will come across a list of service providers and you can select from that.

What is the most important ingredient of a “mandap decoration”? Manu would say that it is the type of decorative items used, the concept and many other difficult aspects. However, the truth is a simple one.  The most important ingredient here is the “feel” which makes everyone who sees it go all “wow” about it! The wedding decor and stage needs to have its own grandeur and beauty to evoke an element of beauty in others as well. This is the reason why event managers try to come up with separate wedding decor for each of their clients making it distinguished than the rest.

An expert event manager does not work in watertight compartments. This means, your views and suggestions are always welcomed and incorporated.  Event managers work the idea of making you happy with the wedding decorations, right from the reception hall, wedding venue decorations, the stage, the curtains, invitation format, welcome style and the like. They work towards making it all a well-synchronized event.  For this, they not only have their entire team at work but also guide them to be with you on the final day of the event to ensure everything is in perfect order.

Cost being one of the crucial factors needs to discuss at the earliest. Therefore, it is always advisable to have a workable budget at hand ready. You can also share it with your event manager so that he/she can design the correct package for you. Wedding planners are also known to offer you attractive discounts on certain packages. So make sure to ask your wedding planner about an offer when you are discussing about the decoration and cost details.

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Posted on June 3rd, 2014, 2:20

Something as sacred as wedding should be celebrated with utmost pomp, ceremony and glory! What matters most in getting the best wedding decor is reflecting the beauty of the moment and the emotions involved with the occasion. However, on the face, it might appear very easy and manageable, but every wedding has its own concerns to take care of. If you are presently, located at Vizag and want to plan and host a lavish wedding ceremony, then you must collaborate with one of the best wedding planners in Vizag. You can search the internet and look for top service providers in this field.

How to get going?

Hiring a professional to do your work is not everything. In the beginning, it is best if you arrange few essential things from your end. They are:

·         Understand what kind of wedding decoration you are looking for i.e. a traditional set up or a modern day decoration where you have the scope to go all-experimental. Alternatively, you can also opt in for a mix of both the styles and customize it according to your preferences.

·         Have a clear understanding of your budget capacity. This is important because you would not want to invest and then run short of money. At the same time, sharing your budget capacity with the service provider you allow them to arrange the best deal for you.

·         Do a quick research on the internet with regards to the company you are planning to partner with and understand what kind of services they offer, how they work, how much they charge, what is the market feedback about their work and so on. Reading client testimonials and reviews will help you to make the correct decision.

Roles and Responsibilities of Wedding Planners

They take complete charge of your wedding decor. Be it a garden style, lounge or ethnic style wedding, your planner has the entire required “to-do” list at hand.  He knows the best vendors to refer you so that you can get attractive discounts and packages. From the hall decoration, entrance decor to reception hall arrangement, they look into every aspect and give great attention to details.

On the final occasion day, they assist you by sending you dedicated staff to ensure everything takes place in the manner that is expected. They ensure that there is no room for any errors and that your guests are impressed by the ambiance created.

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