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February 15th, 2015

Posted on February 15th, 2015, 8:51

If you are in the corporate sector, then you will know the importance of a brand image. And you cannot let that erode away at any cost. Corporate events and seminars are ways in which a company wants to build or strengthen their public image. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose you become choosy about your event planner or event managers. Since, your events are face of your company, you need to hire a planner who will be able to execute the job with complete perfection. If you want to find one, giving an area specific search such as corporate event planners in Vizag or event managers in Vizag would help you narrow your search.

But randomly searching for an event planner is not enough. You have to ensure that they are the best suited for your requirement. So hereís what you do.

As you draw up a list of event managers and planners from the website do a quick research about them by browsing up their website. Today every event management firm with a professional and progressive outlook has a website of its own. In addition to a website many have their social profiles in social networking sites like Twitter o Facebook. This helps in staying connected to with the audience at larger. Hence, if you find an event management firm to be socially active you know that it is a positive sign.

Once you get to the website check for details like the kind of events they arrange, for instance, are they specialists in product launches or they also excel in seminars and AGMís. It is always best to hire an event management firm that is versatile and an ďall-rounderĒ.  This kind of a firm is competitive and is completely clued in with the existing market trends and changes in the event management sphere.

Once you have short listed a firm it is always best to brief the event management firm about your corporate brand image and what you are looking for in your event. Getting your expectations clear will allow you the event management firm come up ideas and solutions that are specific to your company and would boost your brand image. However, it is always beneficial to have the budget talk done first. This will help you to plan your event flow-chart accordingly. Going forward you can also ask for quotes or package deals that are or are not applicable.

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Posted on February 15th, 2015, 8:37

Have a birthday to arrange and you donít know how to set up everything? You want the best arrangements but you donít know where to get a photographer or which florist to hire? Time is short and you are under the compulsion of arranging a great birthday party. If this sounds like something you are in, the easiest way out is hiring an event manager. For this you can place and online search and you will have all the details at your finger tips to choose from. For instance, if you are placed at Vishakhapatnam, you can give your search as event managers in Vishakhapatnam and select from the results given.

Owing to their several years of experience, event managers have the expertise and the exact know-how of organizing events and functions. So once you have appointed an ace event manager you can be rest assured that you are in expert hands and that all your needs will be addressed and executed well.  When you touch base with an event planner ensure that you list down all your requirements for the birthday party celebrations. Listing them down in details will help. For instance your pointers might include the following:

        The number of people you want to invite and you are expecting

        The kind of venue you want

        List of birthday celebration ideas to choose from

        What colours you want to use and if there is any particular colour that you want to emphasized

        The vendors you need, i.e. photographer, florist and the like

        The reception hall decoration

        The type of seating arrangement in the reception area

        Vendor to customize the birthday cake

        If you will need any background music

        If you want to arrange for any fun quizzes, games and so on

Once you have your wish-list given to the event manager he/she will plan a perfect event flow for you. You task is to ensure that everything is sorted out couple of days before the birthday celebration so that there is no chance of mistakes. For this it is important you put a timeline to all the tasks. Once there is a distinct timeline even the event manager will be under the urgency to cater to it. This will leave you with some extra time just in case you want to make any additions and so on. Event managers assist you on every step.

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