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April 2015

Posted on April 22nd, 2015, 4:07

Hyderabad over the years has seen several phases of development and lifestyle changes. This change has resulted in the opening of numerous lifestyle career options. A prominent example is event management and event planning. The city has opened up new vistas for young event managers and wedding planners in Hyderabad. Many corporate have opened by their branch offices in this city and even the media spectrum is also widening here. Therefore, companies would want to have their brand and product launches here. This gives rise to increased scope of event management and planning.

In the past few years, event management in Hyderabad have got divided into primary segments. They are namely:

·         Wedding and birthday planning: This is more social. People who have upped their general lifestyle and preferences, today wants to make their personal occasions like a birthday party or a wedding to celebrated in the most grand manner. They want the best decoration, best venue, unique themes and excellent service. Sometimes the objective to maintain a social status and sometimes it is all about making the occasion special and memorable. This is not only common amongst the affluent people, but also the ones that belong to the middle and upper middle class. Over the years, budget wedding themes and birthday party ideas have gained prominence.

·         Corporate event planning: Corporate event organizers in Hyderabad have been gaining momentum owing to the everyday brand and product launches, seminars, corporate dinners and get-togethers, annual general meetings, press conferences and other internal events taking place at an ongoing basis. Corporate event planning has a slightly different perspective than wedding planning. Here the focus is to cater to the company mission and ensure the event gives the company a positive brand image. That is not all. It is also about companies giving out important message to the media and shareholders in the most simple and unique manner. Accurate event planning helps a company increase its recall value.

Therefore, be it a personal occasion or a corporate cause, if you are in Hyderabad then you will have access to an ace event planner to collaborate with. Internet is the most helpful medium. Since most event planners are present online, you can use your internet search engine and select the one that suits your requirement and preferences. Before selecting one, you can read through customer reviews, feedback, check the website and compare price quotes. This will help you make the right decision.

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Posted on April 18th, 2015, 3:15

The grand Indian wedding is a fiesta. It is a mix of colours, customs, rituals and celebrations. Undoubtedly the bride and the groom are the central figures of the wedding. But there’s one person who is indispensable here. It’s the wedding planner. A grand Indian wedding ceremony and its celebrations is the practically a work of art and management for the wedding planner. He/she does not merely take care about the tangible aspects of the wedding, but also looks into the aesthetics aspects as well in minute details. Without an expert wedding planner those amazing colour combinations and mandap decorations would not have been possible.

Most people who want a lavish wedding stage decoration often shy away from hiring a wedding planner or are in two minds. Some are not comfortable with this process, whilst others are unaware on how to go about it. Since most wedding planners are listed online, you will not have a tough time searching for the one that fits your requirement. You can search based on your location. For instance, if you are placed in Hyderabad then you can give your search as “wedding planners in Hyderabad” and select from the search results.

Wedding celebrations and decorations often become everlasting memories. An ace wedding planner is to be given complete credit for that. From the venue booking to the reception hall decoration everything is under his/her domain. In addition to that, vendor bookings such as catering services, musicians, flower supplier, photographer and video arrangements are also to be done by the wedding planner. When you book vendors through a wedding planner you have the chance to enjoy benefits like reduced price, discounts and other attractive deals. This way you are safe from being over priced and know that your fund is allocated appropriately.

Furthermore, the role of the wedding planner is also crucial, rather most vital on the day of the event. He/she has to ensure that everything is in perfect sync on that day and that there are no unwanted delays or careless mistakes. For this, most wedding planners today offer executive staff with the required experience and expertise to service the client on the main event day. This gives the client a sense of security and comfort, that everything is being taken care of in the most precise manner. Therefore, when you have an expert wedding planner by your side your wedding celebrations become a memorable experience.

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Posted on April 4th, 2015, 13:29

Getting into event management is perhaps easy. Surviving and ensuring success is where the challenge comes in. But if you aim to be an enterprising event manager, executing wedding decor and corporate events with complete ease, then you will accept this challenge with much gusto. Though there is hard work involved, but there are also certain smart techniques involved. This means if you follow certain guidelines you can manage your task at hand efficiently and precisely and woo in more and more customers. So here are 5 must-have event management skills to help you sail through your job smoothly.

  1. Do your research work – Before venturing into event management, it is better to do your research work. This research works includes, mainly of market research i.e. the latest trends in event management as well as the customer preferences. This will help you identifying the client needs, addressing them accordingly as well as positioning your company.

  2. Understand your client – This is perhaps the most important guideline that every event manager needs to follow whether it’s a corporate event or a wedding decor hyderabad. Understanding the client does not essentially mean taking down the client brief, but it also means to understand the client perspective and ideate accordingly.

  3. Co-operate and co-create with your client – This means after you have received the client brief, you need to offer the client what is best for them. This means, offering ideas and concepts that are preferable to the client. Simultaneously, it is also important to correct the client whenever needed.

  4. Bring in uniqueness – Every client wants his/her event to be different than the rest. This is where as an event manager you need to bring in your creativity and uniqueness. You need to translate unique concepts into reality keeping the client objective in mind. This make the client do business with you for long term.

  5. Be reasonable in price – Today there are several event management companies that charge a steep price. Every client to wants to attain more for less. Hence, do a market research on the existing prices and then offer the best competitive price to your client. Here, you can include vendors that quote an affordable price as well.

Thus when you follow the above mentioned guidelines you are equipped with the pros and cons of event management. This will help you attract more clients and help you boost your business for the long run.
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