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October 3rd, 2015

Posted on October 3rd, 2015, 4:44

Gone are the days of ordinary birthday parties, which usually comprised of just a cake cutting ceremony. Today themed and gender specific birthday parties are in vogue. They are quite popular among kids and parents as it helps not only to add glitz and glamor but also raise the entertainment quotient. But there is a glitch. When organizing gender specific birthday parties, parents and kids have to either go for all boys or all girls parties. And even themes are chosen along those lines. For instance, princess birthday parties for all girls party and monster trucks themed birthday for all boys parties. But what about those kids who have both boys and girls as friends? Normally,‘friends’ are excluded based on their gender.This is definitely not good where kids are not able to celebrate their birthday or be a part of the birthday celebration because of gender. This thinking led to gender neutral birthday parties where kids can invite both boys and girls for birthdays.

Gender neutral birthdays no way means that the parents have to ignore the personal likings of the birthday kid and instead pick up only those themes, colors and items that are neutral in nature, with no leanings towards any gender. If the parents go along those lines for the kid’s party, they will end up hosting a dull and boring party for their kids. A birthday party without bright colors, attractive images and beautiful themes would take away the charm of the party. The best way to show neutrality is to include both boy and girl-gendered items and make the party visually appealing and interesting.

However, today this is quite difficult to organize because everything now available is gendered. But with the help of professional event planners gender neutral birthday parties can be easily planned and organized. Estique, one of the leading Birthday Party Decorators in Hyderabad, offer helpful suggestions to help you choose the right theme with appropriate color scheme and décor for the party. For instance, animation is something that both girls and boys like. A prince and princess themed birthday party, Chutki and Chota Bheem themed birthday party, or cars themed birthday party would be apt for the occasion. Unlike earlier times, where either the prince or the princess was considered as the central theme, this time equal prominence is given to both the prince and the princess. Same is the case with Chutki and Chota Bheem. Instead of Chota Bheem getting all the attention, Chutki is also made part of the theme and décor. Similarly, cars, often considered as boys’ favorite, are favored by many girls as well. In that sense, cars themed birthday party can be considered as gender neutral.

Estique can help parents a lot in this regard. Thanks to their expertise and experience they can come up with gender-neutralized themes that add to birthday parties the same fun, excitement and joy as gender specific ones.

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