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May 23rd, 2016

Posted on May 23rd, 2016, 2:39

Space is an unforgiving environment, especially for electronics as they are vulnerable to the conditions in space. You need NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Program) certified electronic manufacturing services with crucial qualities to ensure that the devices weather the challenges subjected to them by the space business with the help of radiation toughened electronic assembly services. Electronics manufacturing companies develop and manufacture complex electronics for missiles, spacecraft, and satellites. Each electronic device is customized to the exact requirements of the purchaser to ensure affordability, superior quality, and prompt deliveries.

Qualities of an excellent electronics manufacturing company

Following are some more qualities of the electronic manufacturing company that develops products that are reliable enough to take into space:

  1. Quick turn around

The space business progresses rapidly so all the different components have to be created in an organized and efficient manner.

  1. Superior quality electronics

It is not sufficient to have decent quality products when dealing with the space business.  Only the finest quality electronics is capable of enduring stringent conditions of space.

  1. NADCAP certification

NADCAP certification ensures that the machinery being prepared is space-ready. The manufacturers who gain this certification can truly make sure that the electronic assembly services conform to the specifications.

Thus, it is necessary to choose the best company for space electronic manufacturing that produces electronics with all the above mentioned qualities. Additionally, in-house knowledge for operating with ISO-9000 and NASA ensures high electronic manufacturing services.

Services offered by the manufacturing company

  • Fast Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly  An efficient company takes just a couple of days to order and assemble PCB, and less than a week to deliver the electronics.

  • Flying Probe Test  The 24 hour Flying Probe Test for PCBs is conducted concurrently.

  • Conformal Coating  Unique conformal covering process ensures protection from water, dirt, and extreme temperatures that damage electronics.

  • 5σ 6σ Processing  The processing is completed with not over 200 faults per million opportunities.

  • Layout and Design  Only experienced layout engineers draft and design the products.

  • NASA Soldering  Each soldering expert possesses 40 hours of J-STD 001 instruction from NASA trainers.

These advanced space electronics are incorporated in operation-critical services such as management systems for inspection radars, an operation control processor in a spacecraft, and components and systems protecting the transmission between vital components. Internal processes like autoclave/vacuum bonding, parylene covering, extensive electrical analysis, environmental stress and vacuum soldering are also available to accomplish competitive production within a short span of time.  

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