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May 24th, 2016

Posted on May 24th, 2016, 5:41

The virtual world of the internet has immense potential for both business owners and users alike. Right marketing strategies can make huge difference to online business. Of all marketing strategies, the one which has always been preferred by experts and digital marketers is SEO. Also known as search engine optimization, when done correctly, can help you achieve desired goal.   When you choose Orange County SEO Company then you can be assured to get maximum return on investment. Most of the reputed and established companies follow 3 Cs to ensure success of the SEO campaign.

The article talks about these 3Cs content, code and credibility


Content, without any doubt, is the king. Unless HTML text is loaded with right and meticulously chosen keywords, there is hardly any chance of getting visibility in major scratch engines. Search engine algorithms can only read what they see. Content published on website should convey right and meaningful information to the users. Informative, interactive and well-woven content is extremely important element when it comes to SEO campaign.  Experienced and expert SEO professionals know that quality over quantity is the mantra to enhance ranking on search engines.   


With the spread of database-driven CMS, content management system as well as WYSIWYG editors, most of the source code of a website which helps in defining the layout and content is clumsy and large.  Coding of website should be done with great care to make sure that it gets indexed in search engines.    Source code optimization can be done effectively only if each page of website has keyword optimized ALT, META and title tags. Keyword selected should be similar to the ones selected for the body copy of that particular page.    


Building sense of credibility for search engines is important to push your website above and beyond tough competition. One of the best ways to do the same is by linking your website to those sites which are popular and highly visible in SERPs. The relevant and popular is link to your site, the higher your Pagerank with the search engine major, Google.

Well, these above slated 3Cs can do the most for your online business. However something important is missing Conversion! Entire SEO campaign pays off if you get much needed conversion, which turn into leads and sales. Best SEO Company South California can help businesses gain much needed visibility on search engines by following the best SEO strategy.  

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