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September 8th, 2016

Posted on September 8th, 2016, 3:57

Manufacturing processes are changing rapidly due to new emerging technologies, changing customer needs and highly competitive global marketplace. Advancement in technology is bringing about a change in the designing and production of everything from computers to the making of a car.  

What is Advanced Manufacturing Technology? The term “Advanced Manufacturing” has been there for long and used extensively. Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) are a new age, efficient, highly-integrated information-technology-based processes for incorporating automated computerized design and operational systems. Using the high-end tightly controlled processes, equipment, and systems, you can manufacture cost-effective, high-quality product with on-time delivery.

The quality of products and process through the innovative application of advanced technologies and methodologies signify the key to success.

Some of the advanced technologies are:

Nanotechnology - Nanotechnology will soon become a reality in every manufacturing industry. It is currently being used extensively in space technology and biotechnology.

Cloud computing – By implementing cloud computing software in manufacturing plants, manufacturers can share data and information in real-time thereby reducing costs, and maintain quality control.

Internet of Things – Used in manufacturing industry it is a path breaking technology that lets all electronic devices in the infrastructure to communicate with each other without human intervention. Most cars today have computerized controls that help detect any minor problem in any part of the system.

These advanced technology processes when adopted by manufacturers offer a range of benefits to include:

  • Improve productivity and their competitiveness

  • Design and manufacture products as per customers specifications

  • Easily modify designs

  • Adjust production lines according to design changes

  • Speed time to market by generating prototypes quickly

  • Consume less raw material and waste reduction

  • Create speed, precision, efficiency and flexibility

Spectrum AMT provides Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for manufacturing companies. These include

  • Quick-turn wire bonding for prototyping – Combines highly skilled resources with advanced processes. You get prototype wire bonding, encapsulation, and microcircuit advanced packaging services for a quick-turn response to support product development.

  • Multi-chip and hybrid modules - Used extensively in aerospace and defense applications to automotive control modules, you get multi-chip and hybrid modules that are designed for high-grade performance, maximum reliability and capable of operating in extreme environments.

  • Pico Soldering - A robotic selective solder system that replaces hand soldering without disturbing nearby SMT components, providing consistent, defect-free soldering to complex assemblies.

  • ION Propulsion – Used extensively by NASA

Technological advancement in manufacturing is no longer a dream, it is now getting closer to reality. Advancement in Nanotechnology and increased digitization are helping manufacturers improve their processes while lowering the cost of production, apart from improving the performance and bottom-line. The future in Advanced Manufacturing Technology is about small, agile manufacturing operations using highly sophisticated new tools and processes.

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