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January 26th, 2017

Posted on January 26th, 2017, 11:33

Sexual addiction, out-of-control sexual behavior, or hypersexual behavior disorder is characterized by a person's compulsive engagement or participation in sexual activities without any thoughts or concerns about the consequences it may bring. The consequences include the contraction of venereal diseases, unwanted pregnancies, sexual dysfunction, a decline in personal relationships, decreased productivity and concentration, and so on. A sexual addict is prone to many psychological effects such as a constant feeling of shame, depression, anxiety, and so on, as well.

Biological, psychological or social factors can lead to sex addiction. Biological factors include an excess level of sex hormones and/or a genetic predisposition towards emotional dysregulation. Psychological factors include an early exposure to excess sexual content and/or poor mental health. Social factors include rejection from social circles, social isolation and/or learning about sex by watching others. If you are not in control of your sexual feelings, how you act sexually, are unable to control yourself when it comes to sex, sex has become a ritual for you, then it is best to consult a healthcare professional and get evaluated for sexual addiction.

Treating sexual addiction the holistic way

Sex addiction can be effectively treated with holistic medicine. The practice of holistic medicine combines alternative and conventional therapies to prevent and treat diseases. It involves addressing the mind, body and spirit. Educating the patient regarding his/her condition and participating him/her in the process of healing is encouraged in holistic treatment. A number of sex addicts have tried the holistic treatment and has found it very rewarding. They have described it as a non-stressful, soothing, uplifting and spiritual healing experience.

According to Interpersonal Neurobiology, the right region of our brain is encoded and it matures in relation with the left region of the brain. The earliest memories are encoded in the right nonverbal, subcortical (unconscious) region of our brain. The left brain contains conscious, explicit memories. Holistic treatment involves ferreting out these deeper, unconscious memories and then treating the sex addiction.

Holistic sex addiction treatment involves 3 steps.

1. Evaluation

A holistic therapist assesses your situation from a holistic perspective.  At present, your out-of-control sexual behavior might be causing a lot of damage in your life.   Your job or family may be in jeopardy as a result of low concentration and decreased productivity,. Your sex addiction may have already created a drift in your relationship with your fiancee, wife, friends and/or other family members. You could also be in trouble with the law. You may not have an active social life as of now. You may be depressed and immersed completely in self-loathing. You may be frustrated to the core with your present life. You need to discuss all this with the holistic physician, all the negative effects that your sex addiction has brought. Only after you have completely understood where you stand in life at present will the holistic healer move on to the next step in the treatment process. Unless you know what to fix yourself, you will not be able to fix it.

2. Learning

Holistic healing encourages the patients to know all about their condition, even the scientific aspect of it. The holistic healer will provide you with basic information regarding sexual addiction. You will be given a lot of articles that you can refer to get a deeper understanding of sex addiction. You will also be encouraged to research regarding the condition as much as possible. You can go online and find a lot of information regarding sexual addiction. By understanding the root cause of your problem, you will be able to understand the cause for your sexual urges and thus help yourself in the recovery process.

3. The therapy

The therapy will help you to rebuild your thought process, which will help you to control your impulse triggers. If you are able to control your thought process, you will, to a great extent, control your emotional behaviors. The therapy will create an opportunity for you to work with your spouse. You will be able to talk with each other freely and work out a solution to rebuild your broken relationship. You will be encouraged to explore your feelings at this stage. The therapy will also help to restore the intimacy that was lost as a result of the addiction.

Physical activities to help control the stress levels is part of the therapy. One popular activity is yoga, it will help you to relieve tension and concentrate. You will be given a healthy diet which will help you to nourish yourself.

Sexual addiction is a condition that can potentially ruin your life. It is imperative that you seek treatment for this condition. Holistic sexual addiction treatment is not only effective but also helpful in improving the quality of your life. Once recovered, you will be able to lead a perfectly normal life. One main advantage of holistic sex addiction treatment is that you will be able to recover bodily, as well as spiritually.

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