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April 25th, 2017

Posted on April 25th, 2017, 6:11

The hiring of the best and right Movers service is essential, as the company is going to hold your most valuable belongings for a considerable length of time. So how do you stay away from the defaulters, the poor performers, and the cheats? Below are some red flags that will help you delete the bad firms, from your best “Movers in Irvine list.

No personal inspection

The best of Movers in the USA carry out an on-site inspection before actually packing and moving your goods and articles. If the company gives you a cost estimate on phone-call itself, without actually undertaking an inspection, stay away from it.

Advance cash deposits

None of the reputed and licensed Movers in Newport Beach will ask you for an advance cash deposit, before actually moving your goods. The service bill is delivered to you at the completion of service. It might be possible that an illegitimate or a fraud company is asking for a cash deposit in advance. Do not hire any of these firms.

No providence of the information booklets

Each Movers company is the USA is required to provide its customers the “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” booklet, for the interstate movements. If your chosen one does not provide you this information book, a valid suspicion point arises. Ask for the booklet, or cancel the service, if you do not get the booklet.

No information on the company website

If the company does not display the license (US DOT) number, insurance/address/contact, and other necessary information, you should look somewhere else.

No marked vehicles

If the company does not has a marked vehicle (or a company-owned truck), and sends an unmarked vehicle or truck at the day of movement, ample of doubts arise.

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