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June 15th, 2017

Posted on June 15th, 2017, 1:57

Air Duct Cleaning creates a healthier home. Please read these important facts about how poor air quality affects your family’s health. DUST, DIRT, POLLEN, MILDEW, MOLD, BACTERIA and SMOKE are pulled into your duct system every time your furnace or air conditioner operates. These airborne contaminants build up inside the ductwork over time and are spewed out and circulated throughout your home continually affecting the health and comfort of your family. The end result is, there may be an increase of viruses and breathing problems for your family.

The state-of-the-art, AIR CARE HVAC contaminant removal system used by BLODGETT’S assures that your ducts are being cleaned in the most effective way. It is 99.7% efficient in removing microbial contaminants. This system enables our technicians to reach and thoroughly clean your entire duct system with minimal disruption.

You may keep in mind that air ducts need to be cleaned when required as it can pose threat to the people around. If you have a fireplace, stove or fuel burning furnace, then it should be properly checked before use to protect against poisoning with harmful gases. We have an efficient system in place where we check the ducts firsts and decide how to clean it to ensure hundred percent safety. Unlike the chemical biocides normally used for cleaning, our contaminant removal system does not cause any health risks. So, call us now and get the excellent services of our expert team.

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