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June 21st, 2017

Posted on June 21st, 2017, 7:10

It is a big decision to choose the right moving company if you plan to hire one. It is more so because the safety of your goods depends a great deal on the people who deal with them. So, here are some points to remember while looking for the right movers.

Finding the right movers

  • Referrals: Getting referrals is the first step when searching for movers. You can ask your friends and colleagues who have moved recently to suggest a good company. Collect all the details about Irvine movers like the names of the people and how they work.

  • Licensing: Movers have to abide by federal, state and local laws. At the federal level, they require special license to operate. But, this is not so in certain states. If they possess a license, verify that it is current and valid.

  • Estimates in person: When the estimates are made, you may ask the Newport Beach movers to make it in-home so that it is reliable. You may even call more than one company so that you can compare and choose the best.

  • Pricing: Price is important but, make sure never to compromise on safety, quality and reliability. Movers who are inexperienced might give you a very low estimate as they are desperate to get work.

  • Rogue movers: Look out for rogue movers who give a very low estimate but, demand a high fee once the goods are loaded. Have an agreement in place beforehand.

If you put in efforts, it is not so difficult to find the best movers that offer the best prices in town.


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