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June 29th, 2017

Posted on June 29th, 2017, 4:26

A healthy home means your air conditioner and furnace are in the best condition to keep the air comfortable round the year. This is the reason why hiring air conditioner and Heating repair Riverside is considered important. Apart from this, there are some other units that need regular maintenance to ensure good quality of air. Read on to find out what they are.

Maintaining air quality

  • Humidifier maintenance: Humidifiers are mounted on existing furnace system. They are usually fed by a water line which moisturizes the air that passes through the furnace. This reduces the dryness that is prevalent in the winter months or the dry summers. You may clean the distribution manifold of the humidifier periodically and clean the evaporator pad with a solution of water and vinegar. Read the manual to follow maintenance instructions for keeping humidistat and solenoid in working condition.

  • Air ventilator maintenance: Air ventilator maintenance involves cleaning or replacing the air filters once in every three to nine months. When you hire the Ac repair Riverside technicians, they clean the filter with a vacuum or rinse it followed by air dry. Apart from replacing air filter, you may check it regularly to make certain that the ventilator’s exhaust and intake are not blocked. The fan blades should also be checked to see if dirt has accumulated.

  • Air cleaner maintenance: Like you do with the air ventilator, the air cleaner filter should be cleaned regularly and replaced when need arises. This is again done once every three to nine months. You may refer the instructions in the owner’s manual for further details. It is possible that air flow to the air cleaner is blocked by furniture, dust or other materials. So, check properly to prevent this.

  • Servicing air quality units: It is easy for you to do cleaning and small maintenance works in your HVAC system. But, the regular servicing and repair needs help from Air conditioning services Riverside. The professionals do the regular maintenance of ventilator, humidifier and air cleaner and also help find out if there are other faults with the system.

Regular servicing and maintenance ensures that your HVAC system lasts long and also helps to keep the indoor air-quality at its best avoiding conditions like asthma. Most of the repairs you need to do in the HVAC system are cheap and easy. The sooner you pay attention to them, the sooner your home will become comfortable to live in.

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