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July 3rd, 2017

Posted on July 3rd, 2017, 1:47

Flooring industry is advancing at a fast pace and who doesn’t like to keep up with the trends? Today’s hot favorites are forgotten tomorrow and something new comes up every single day. Let us go through some hottest trends that are in recently which make people go crazy over floors.

Trends in flooring

  • Carpeting: Carpeting is becoming more eco friendly with each passing day. Some fiber combinations make the carpets so soft that they have made carpeting all the more popular. Carpet flooring Springfield mo uses the method of recycling to create greener carpets. The current trend in carpet is the cut-and-lop genre in which the pile is partly looped and partly cut to have a sculpted look. People prefer patterned carpets that have cleaner finish these days.

  • Wood: There is this concept of great room which combines the family rooms and kitchen into one space with hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring Springfield mo makes way for consistent flooring that looks elegant. These days, the choices of people have changed and more prominence is given to grey tones. Larger planks made of cherry, walnut and hickory are the favourites of many. There is also a move towards being greener by using reclaimed wood from old barns and buildings.

  • Luxury vinyl: You must be familiar with vinyl. The word ‘luxury’ has given it a new dimension. The newest trend is to take a photo of wood and printing it on vinyl flooring in the form of planks or squares. This is way less costly than using real wooden floors. You can similarly take a picture of anything and print it on vinyl tile to give a whole new look to it.

  • Tile: The standard 12-by-12 inches tiles are being replaced by larger tiles. Though these vary regionally, ceramic tiles are definitely getting bigger. Like you do in Laminate flooring Springfield mo and vinyl, you can also print pictures on tiles to make them look like some other material. The modular sizes are also becoming popular which includes rectangular sizes where the tiles look like wood or fabric and some even looking like concrete.

It is better to always do a little research before finalising on the flooring. There are experts out there who can guide you on the best floors suited to your living space. Ask for advice rather than blindly following the trends. Choose something that will always remain a trend.


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