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Posted on November 11th, 2018, 9:52

The modern gyms conduct today the physical training and exercise programs that are called as fitness boot camps. These programs and exercise schedules are designed and implemented for building fitness and strength. The sessions are usually 1 hour long and the intensive exercises are of many different varieties. Boot camps were initially conceptualized in the USA (a boot camp in Irvine is quite popular!) and the former or retired military personnel also conducted them. They are now popular in England and in other parts of the world as well.

The various exercises and programs of a boot camp

Gyms in Irvine run the Boot camps that draw participants of different ages and genders. The boot camp group training program may include many different kinds of exercises and fitness programs. It often starts with running and stretching exercises, and subsequently, a number of interval training exercises follow. Some of these exercises may include:


●Pulling of the TRX (rubber) straps



●Plyometrics (jump training)

Other explosive and dynamic exercise forms may also be included. Yoga exercises are also included in the boot camp sessions and these are held at the end of the session. Yoga stretching and asanas provide mental health benefits as well. Apart from increasing strength,  participation in group boot camp in Orange County may also help towards an increase in cardiovascular efficiency and faster loss of undesired body fat. People who are not accustomed to regular exercise schedules but want to have one can join a boot camp, and be more disciplined towards regular exercise.

The gym environment can be quite boring, especially when you are new to it. That is why gyms have a considerable exit rate and fail to retain the newcomers in some cases. Joining a fitness boot camp is one sure way to be a regular and disciplined exerciser, and to have good health throughout life. The camp duration may last up to 6 weeks, which is ample of time to make new friends and to have exercise as a habit.

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