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Posted on June 3rd, 2011, 3:09

Enterprises seem to be spending quite a lot on efforts to build online lead generation with an eye to ensure enhanced customer base and well-qualified leads, yet they are bothered by certain queries that compels to wonder if  generating leads are enough  for enhanced CRM. The queries these enterprises often ending up asking include:  
  • Is lead generation enough to develop greater CRM?
  • Does lead nurturing actually work?
  • What are the actual parameters of lead nurturing and can they actually bring in optimum results?
  • How does one bridge the gap of perception that exists between marketing automation teams and sales teams?

These questions are pertinent and are often drawn up because even as leads are being generated, lead-fatigue can set in among sales teams, if there is no noticeable progress with leads. So even as sales fails in interacting with the lead constantly, marketing automation software teams feel that once they have provided the lead to the sales, it is their baby, so to speak. Therein emerges a problem of a lead being lost because no one wants to nurture the lead or care for the lead.

Lead nurturing can be the key to enhanced CRM
Lead nurturing can actually help not just enable but also optimize sales effectiveness and enhance marketing campaigns. With the right kind of lead nurturing software you can build long term relationships with your prospective customers. Here are the benefits of a good lead nurturing software:
  • It will help you understand your customers better, by giving you insights into the customers intention
  • It will assist in informing you if your prospect is sales ready
  • It will also pass on leads to your sales team automatically and help them with a solution that can further nurture the lead
  • The software will ensure that your lead and their interest sustains, this will be ensured by informing and educating the leads with relevant information

To ensure that your leads are nurtured effectively one needs to ensure that they are informed of newer additions to your product, they need to be made involved, so keep them hooked by asking them to view a demo, take part in a webinar, read a blog etc. Educating your lead about the product, its effectiveness through a well-thought of email campaign also might work wonders. The onus lies on nurturing your relationship with your prospect, which means you need to cultivate your relationship and care for it continuously.
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