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Posted on October 7th, 2011, 5:19

The elicitation of contact information on websites may not be adequate as most prospects will not have the time and patience to fill in a form at that time. So, auto responders can be used to collect prospect contact information. In sections where there is a free giveaway, it is ideal to use an auto-responder. Such a mail is sent to the registered email id to confirm the request and asking them to provide some more information such as industry domain, prospect title etc.

A simple way to encourage prospects to repeat their visit is to ask them to input their suggestions or feedback whenever they download or view a report. This conversation can be useful to know exactly what they are interested in and how the product/service can be useful or relevant to them.

Nesting inquiry forms at every level may prevent them from further using the website. It is ideal to place company contact information on every page.  If there is an enquiry; the prospect will know how to contact the marketer.

Track the Visits
Lead generation does not end with simply driving traffic to website – it also involves the process of identifying who visited. Website analytics may indicate that there are thousands of people visiting the website every month, but there may be only few who actually fill in the contact form and disclose their identity. On the other hand, most visitors leave after consuming the information they wanted, without revealing their identity or intent behind visiting the website.

Use of Marketing Automation for Visitor Information Elicitation
To convert web traffic into qualified sales leads, B2B marketers may require automated software to track the anonymous enterprise visitors/leads to the website, understand the intent behind the visit and based on its findings, qualify them as a potential lead or not.

According to Sam Weber CEO, Connected Marketer, “Marketing Automation has become a critical component for B2B marketers. By 2015, 50% of all B2B companies will have implemented Marketing Automation.”

This projection is because marketing automation is critical for lead generation software  as marketers need to know who the decision makers are in the buying process. Only by knowing this can marketers be able to address the buyer problem. Another important factor is that marketing automation can identify the meager percentage of prospects that show buying signals by projecting solutions.

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