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Posted on November 10th, 2011, 23:51

Software product development, as the name defines, refers to those activities involved in the development of software products from its conception to its manifestation. It is a complex process involving a myriad of activities that include but are not limited to research, new development, prototyping, modification, reuse, re-engineering, and maintenance. Though software developed can be advertisement into custom software, commercial or open source software and personal software, the goal of software product development is same that is to build a good product - a product that conforms to business requirements.

With software product development following a release-based lifecycle, which involves multiple major releases, minor releases, multiple builds of the products and with software growing in size and complexity, software product development is no longer an easy challenge.

Every software product is developed eventually for the customer. If the software products do not conform to user/customer requirements then it is rejected however great technology has been used to build it. Therefore, it is highly essential for the companies to ensure that the software products developed comply with business/user requirements. Thatís were quality assurance and independent verification helps.

Quality Assurance and Independent Verification

Quality Assurance or QA is nothing but evaluation and assessment of the various aspects of a project in order to ensure that minimum standards of quality are achieved. Verification is the process of ensuring that the project is developing along expected lines i.e.; it conforms to written specifications and requirements. Independent verification, as the name suggests, is the verification of software projects by an independent entity.

Advantages of performing Quality Assurance and Independent Verification

Some of the significant advantages of performing QA testing and independent evaluation are:
∑         Letting an outside agency to perform evaluation helps in getting an unbiased and fair observation
∑         Since in-house project managers are involved with the projects on a daily basis, they would fail to recognize the warning signals of impending problems.
∑         Performing QA and evaluation helps in identifying problems early on so that there is enough time to put the project back on track.
∑         QA and evaluation facilitate in finding ways to mitigate problems, thereby saving considerable time, money and effort.

Performing spotless quality assurance and independent verification can provide the companies and organizations the much-needed edge over its competitors. Hence, companies must look for service providers that not only provide a comprehensive range of  independent verification and qa services but also adhere to the highest levels of security, integration and industry standard processes when performing independent verification and quality assurance.

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