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Posted on January 4th, 2012, 22:52

Lifecycle management provides a standard structure of reference for systems and approaches that are considered necessary for managing all product related data all through the productís lifecycle. With application lifecycle management, product managers can make certain that all projects are accomplished right on time and within the exact budget. Application Lifecycle Management solutions organize people, processes and tools in an integrated software development activity, where all actions are tracked and conveyed to ensure complete visibility into the project's progress. An efficient ALM solution offers a number of qualitative and financial benefits that can increase efficiency and productivity in any organization.

Successful Application Lifecycle Management deployments integrate with available tools inside the company for a quicker acceptance at lower risk. By implementing ALM, product managers have the tools and technologies that are required to simplify the complete software development process. ALM enhances all related activities right from design and programming, all through deployment and testing.

Why is ALM important and how it helps?
Product managers are often challenged with the task of ensuring that the software solutions of  highest functionality and quality and that they need to be are designed, developed, and delivered to customers well within time and within budget. It is also necessary for them to keep the offerings competitive by making certain that their features constantly advance to meet all end user requirements. ALM helps in overcoming these challenges by

∑         Defining requirements and ensuring that requirements are met
The key to a successful project lies in creating software that delivers all the capabilities customers which can overcome their challenges. With ALM product managers are enabled to provide a framework of all stipulations and communicate the entire implementation process of the software development with the all those who are involved.

∑         Efficiently manage resources and associated activities
With ALM Product managers can effectively coordinate assets and resources, and most effectively align them with the goals and objectives of the project at hand. They can manage the various technologies required to support the development process and also deal with the tasks and sub-tasks that need to be assigned and managed while keeping in mind the budget as well

∑         Accelerate Time-to-Market
ALM accelerates time to market by automating and streamlining critical development related functions like project management, resource planning, and integration etc. This way the new software product development is available to customers in a short span of time, also resulting in the company raking in revenues.

The right ALM solution enables collaboration by utilizing reports and dashboards that provide real-time visibility throughout the product engineering services and development process and this visibility helps distributed teams identify bottlenecks early and accelerate product development.

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