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April 2012

Posted on April 27th, 2012, 3:34

Your planner sure has a lot of things lined for you on the business operation front and you also want to ensure the ROI of your enterprise, so that you keep on travelling with various people. Expense report can be a laborious task, but if you have the correct tools for the job, it is easy and you can perform the same in simple browse and clicks.

Expense management software enables you and your enterprise to conveniently offer a timely expense report every time you want it. It provides you with a secure way to save and retrieve your transaction data without having to purchase highly sophisticated servers for the systems and is user friendly in nature. It is essential to note that income cannot be computed aptly if expenses cannot be administered appropriately.

Simultaneously, gaining can be realized if spending is defined accurately and timely. This is a reason why expense management software is needed.

However, when it comes to business travel management it is not only about simple budget consolidations and deductions. It is rather about managing corporate travel expense is an optimum manner without having to compromise productivity and quality. Efficient business travel expense management software offers numerous advantages. Some of them are as follows:-
  • The software helps to reduce expenses, in terms of travel expenses as well as expense for travel administration
  • Every organization has internal rules and regulations regarding business travel. The software ensures that there is compliance in these corporate policies and rules. Furthermore, it ensures compliance in tax regulations and laws enabling in hassle free business tours.
  • Helps in improved cost management with an useful travel spend analysis
  • It improves employee satisfaction because the processes are more systematic and organized
  • It helps in reducing the hard work required in conventional methods that includes manual paper methods. This maximizes the speed for travel claim approval process.

The modern day business travel expense management software utilizes the Cloud Processes and has in-built master data management, of which the ten main constituents are:-
  • Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Process Rules (BPR)
  • Cloud Process Tools for End-User Participants
  • Master Data Management
  • Business Process Network (BPN)
  • Cloud Process Improvement Service
  • Third Party Best-of-Breed Cloud Brokering
  • Information Monitoring and Management
  • Performance Management
  • Cloud Process Hosting, Support, and Operations Management
  • Cloud Process Customization

Leading market players in business travel expenses management software have added efficient modules for instance, travel profile manager, card expense manager, travel invoice manager, and many others for effortless operations. Overall, it provides a complete control, automation and optimization of an organization’s business travel expense management.  

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Posted on April 23rd, 2012, 22:49

Today business is all about credibility, precision and critical decisions. Despite the increasing competition your business has to maintain high standards and prove each time that you are capable of delivering quality services under any circumstances. You have to ensure that you implement the right strategies to project a positive and secure image in an environment infested with all kinds of threats. You have to be alert so that you can take proactive actions which lead to effective responses. All information that you acquire has to be up-to-date and relevant so that you do not waste your time and investments on unproductive strategies. It is essential that when disaster strikes normal operations are restored without causing any major upheavals.

It is not easy to maintain a smooth and efficient operation with so many challenges. However you will be blessed with endless opportunities if you succeed in your mission. Employing competent business intelligence tools and enterprising strategies will provide you with flattering results. Software development is a complex procedure which requires industry expertise to assess the priorities and develop convincing products. The software has to be developed keeping in mind the customer’s requirements. You need tools with high flexibility so that there are no integration issues. The tools help in incorporating the changes and you are provided with accurate responses promptly so that you can determine your next plan of action.

The business intelligence tools can track the changes and provide you with the latest reports promptly. They serve as potent customer research tools furnishing you with invaluable information about the requirements of the customers, the future products and pricing models etc. Agile and integrated tools deliver effective product R&D services. The significance of mobile application development is phenomenal as every individual is practically on the move. You are guaranteed with favorable returns if you can develop mobile applications with exclusive capabilities that impress the customers.

The credit for the soaring popularity of an ecommerce business goes to the software applications that are used. These applications provide the users the facility to carry on normal operations from any location without any expenses. You have to ensure that the ecommerce solutions facilitate asset maximization, process optimization, customization and reduced costs and risks. In business the possibilities of a second chance is very bleak. When you implement actions you have to be sure of what you are doing and its consequences. Now that you have the designated tools at your disposal you cannot let go of any potential opportunities and incur lethal damages.

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Posted on April 20th, 2012, 5:08

The reason as to why certain organizations resort to order fulfillment services is clear to us. Their main agenda is the huge savings that they can attain and also satisfy the consumer while at it. The objective of these service organizations is to operate their best at offering their users the biggest customer mechanism in terms of the fulfilling orders. Apart from the expertise of such service enterprises the expenses to utilize then will not actually add that much as compared to the expenses of deploying order fulfillment solutions within an organization. The service people can effectively offer customer satisfaction via their high end order fulfillment process.

Today there are eminent service providers of order fulfillment process that utilizes the Cloud Process as well and allows the enterprises to control and automate the order fulfillment flow on a continuous basis, incorporating all the contributing business partners, implementing the business logic at every step in the flow and offering complete visibility in the overall process. The Cloud process would help the users to monitor the service level agreements that are agreed upon with the participants and also the KPI’s that a user has defined in the process.

Such innovative order fulfillment process handles orders from the receipt via sourcing and validation. It controls and monitors the processing, packing and the picking of each single order and also the progress the service provider made. Some of the advantages and features of this solution are listed below:-

Minimized Lead Times (10-50%)
·         Re engineered supply chain process
·         Central rules driven process
·         Flexible service provider selection
·         Minimized complexity
·         Mechanized order, document consolidation creation

Enhanced Customer Experience
·         Online end-to-end visibility
·         Proactive management and notifications
·         Strategic business intelligence

However, some of the order fulfillment modules offered by eminent service providers are as follows:-
·         Business Intelligence Portal
·         Mobile Interfaces
·         Document Generation Engine
·         Financial Manager
·         Order Manager
·         Web Interfaces
·         Shipping Manager
·         Inventory Manager
·         Integration Gateway
·         POD and Document Archiving Manager
·         Network Optimization Engine
·         Print Manager
·         Notification Engine
·         Process Monitor
·         Admin Manager
·         Contract Manager
·         Operational Report Engine
·         Asset Planning and Forecasting
·         Track and Trace

Service providers of order fulfillment initiatives have numerous available spaces within their warehouses of any type of product. If the item is required to be housed delicately or it required staying in a climate-controlled ambiance, and other facilities are accessible at reasonable price range. These service providers also delve in order management systems and also effective digital management.

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Posted on April 17th, 2012, 22:43

Maintenance and delivery of quality products or services is the core ingredient that builds and upholds the reputation of your business. The quality assurance tests are critical processes that have to be dealt with precision and proficiency to ensure that the final product is foolproof. The engagement of inexperienced evaluators and engineers for quality testing is a risk that can jeopardize your business fatally. Standardized industry processes have to be followed and maintenance of high levels of integration and security is mandatory to qualify a product and consider it fit for use.

You will not be able to achieve your goals if you do not have professionals with industry expertise on board who use the latest technologies to perform the quality and testing process as per the market trends and give you a competitive edge. As the requirements and specifications of each industry is different these experts exhibit skills and knowledge that are approved by the industry for product development. They have the capability to provide comprehensive advisory services and constant support for the development of automated solutions.

They provide you with fully equipped labs for quality and testing activities. They have a vital responsibility of analyzing the requirements of your business and developing strategies, selecting the testing techniques and making adaptations, deciding the time frames and providing an estimate of the outcome of the process. They provide platforms for certification purposes. They determine the coverage and statistics metrics, set up the test environments, analyze use cases and create test cases, execute the test cases and analyze the results.

They are skilled in detecting defects, providing reports and solutions to fix the defects effectively. They analyze the test cycle results and collect the statistics. They prepare the test cycle status reports. These industry approved testing advisors impart valuable inputs in the areas of unit, multi-unit and system testing, user acceptance testing, functional testing, performance testing, user interface and usability testing, installation and configuration testing, security testing, localization and internationalization testing, products integration testing, regression testing and  technical documentation testing. They recommend innovative and improvised product development services with highly collaborative capabilities for an encouraging result.

The specialized advisory services are a strong support in your endeavor to achieve your business goals as they help identify opportunities that can render valuable effects. Their contributions towards the development of a competitive and quality product without any cost escalations help in leveraging the potentials of your business and ensuring productive returns.

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Posted on April 9th, 2012, 0:26

The research and development of software applications is a complex process and you need highly proficient tools with intelligent capabilities that can help you face the challenges and emerge victorious and more experienced. As the environment is a competitive one you need to develop products that are of global standards. There are some challenges that can overpower and wreck your normal operations such as the lack of collaboration between the various teams resulting in a disjointed effort.

If you want to develop competent software you have to ensure that the potentials of the individual teams are harnessed and utilized to deliver optimum results. It is very important that each team member be aware of the priorities and the progress. Real-time collaboration helps in executing critical decisions on time for effective results. There should be high visibility so that the entire process can be managed efficiently and in alignment with the main objectives. An integrated velocity platform helps in addressing the challenges and leverages collaboration that delivers excellent application lifecycle management services.

The velocity platform is equipped with tools to provide end to end traceability of the processes, enhance visibility by providing real-time updates and reports to help the teams to identify the areas of concern, and accelerates product R&D services. The velocity platform competently captures the product requirements while remaining aligned with the priorities of your business. It helps to create links between the requirements which helps you to assess the status and its value.

The velocity platform facilitates the project managers in release planning, capacity planning, sprint planning and risk management which helps in enforcing an agile project management process. It provides remarkable test management capabilities by tracing the products and testing them for identification of any defects so that they can be remedied to build a robust and productive product. The tools leverage integration for the successful development and deployment of software products.

The velocity platform facilitates hooking source control tools like Perforce, Vault, SVN and CVS which enables traceability right from requirements to users, defects and source code check-ins. It provides a flexible dashboard which can integrate real-time activity stream widgets and enables each team member regarding the code check-in and check-out exercise thus eliminating the possibilities of dependencies.

The platform also has eminent analytic and reporting capabilities which help in extracting and calculating the metrics to help the development teams to predict their position in the process. The deployment of business intelligence tools that ensures optimized application lifecycle management process is a must for developing agile software.

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Posted on April 2nd, 2012, 21:59

Retain Customers With Efficient After Sales Services

After sales service is an essential aspect of any organization’s “sales strategy”. A stable after sales service has the potential to help a company attain greater market share, minimize after-sales related overheads on goods and service and most essentially leads to efficient customer retention. Majority of customers will not try and repeat a purchase or continue using a specific service of a company if there has been any unfavorable experience in the past.

In the present day and age, there are enterprises who underestimate the scope and potential that quality after sales serviceholds. It can help you attain a competitive advantage over others. Most users and clients look forward to high end customer service, especially as they concentrate of getting a proper value for money and are even ready to spend more on products, goods, services and brands that offer the best.

To define in elementary terms, after sales service refers to the process of managing goods and products after they have been sold to the customers. The same process overlaps with essential processes such as reverse logistics, customer care, and returns/service management and so on. Irrespective of the name, this is a difficult area and involves several members in various locations and also combine internal and third party members within the value network. However some of the essential facts about after sales service are as follows:-

  • About 6% of all items sold are returned ( as per Returns Logistics, 2009)

  • Almost 68% of returns have zero technical fault ( as per Accenture report, 2007)

  • The average loss related to a return is €19 ( as per Newgistics, 2007)

  • The processing returns costs four times as much as processing the original order

  • An average of one consumer phone call is made per return

Today there are eminent service providers offering after sales service solutions using the innovative Cloud Process. These solutions help to rationalize, optimize and automate the process of the ongoing after sales business process. It helps to incorporate a complete value network and all the collaborating members and parties. This in turn offers you a continuous control generated by configured business rules and logic in the Cloud Process.

At the same time, the solution provides end-to-end visibility of the overall process and is based on real-time data. An innovative digital managementwithin the system offers easy availability to all the key information associated with after sales service.

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