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Posted on June 26th, 2012, 5:13

In this present global business ambiance where global economic interdependence has gained prominence, it is essential to opt in for solutions or devices that would enable efficient processing, acquiring and evaluating huge amount of data that arrived from multiple and diverse sources. With the help of Business Intelligence (BI) tools organizations can come up with well informed business decisions.

Why do companies need Business Intelligence Tools?
The modern day enterprises deal with various innovative applications regularly for instance CRM, ERP, SCM and many more. The process of offering a consolidated report and exchange of information covers up the communication gap among these applications. They offer correct data integration that results in better prospects for the future. Keeping this in mind many service providers are carrying on their research and development work on the BI domain.

For any goal driven organization that aims and works to achieve excellent business results, the integrated view of all these applications is a critical process. This ensures that there is ample scope for data sharing and processing with the help of appropriate BI Tools. It has been observed that what a standard MIS cannot perform that the innovative BI Tools can perform seamlessly.

Industry Offerings in BI Tools
Leading Product R& D Services companies today are attempting to help their client base and other users in establishing and assist in cost-efficient, robust business intelligence tools by utilizing a combination of open source, proprietary, and stand alone technologies. These solution providers along with their engineering teams and project execution engineers have the technological know-how in a wide range of BI tools having multiple utilities such as, data processing and data acquisition.

It is an organizationís capacity to collate, avail and assess the critical data quickly and arrive at smart business decisions. An important factor in providing such innovative business intelligence along with data warehousing solutions is synonymous to high performance within a minimal cost. Leading service providers delivers software product development and support service for almost every aspect of business intelligence and data warehousing. Some of the important focus areas are as follows:-

  • ETL and Data Warehousing
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • BI Tool Benchmarking and Integration

This is not all. The service providers have more to offer. Apart from offering BI tools they also partner with BI-enabled enterprises and ISVís to assist and develop effective, cost-efficient business intelligence solutions using innovative and proven methodologies. Furthermore, it has a mix of open source (Pentaho, JasperSoft), proprietary (Oracle, Microsoft), and stand alone Ab Initio, Informatica, BiRT) technologies.

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